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IJM LAND Reinvigorates SEREMBAN 2’s City Park With RM1 Million Facelift

Press Release: IJM LAND Reinvigorates SEREMBAN 2’s City Park With RM1 Million Facelift

Famed recreational park receives upgrade works to enhance Seremban 2 green haven for the local community 

Residents in IJM Land’s Seremban 2 township, often consider City Park an indispensable extension of their own abodes and homes. The centrally located park has been a prominent mainstay in the community for over two decades since its unveiling to the public in 2005.

As a result, to reaffirm IJM Land’s commitment towards living within the embrace of nature, RM 1 million has been allocated towards conducting upgrade works and enhancements to reinvigorate the well-received City Park over a three-month period.


City Park is a prominent landmark in Seremban 2. The sprawling 15-acre recreational park and its picturesque lake is frequented by residents as well as neighbouring ‘Serembanians’. 

The park is outlined with a jogging track and sprinkled with charming gazebos, exercise stations, and rest areas. And it is not just runners, fitness enthusiasts and children that utilise the facilities and playgrounds, as there were various activities and classes conducted, such as tai chi and aerobics, for bonding with family, friends, neighbours, and incoming visitors. 

It was also the go-to spot for those who prefer casual strolls and soaking up the great outdoors. In essence, this expansive green space embodied what most homeowners desire in the post-pandemic era of avoiding suffocating urban jungles. 


However, there have been noticeable signs of wear and tear on the playground equipment and sporting facilities. Hence, a call to arms to spruce up City Park to restore and even surpass its former glory has been initiated by IJM Land.  

As part of scheduled upgrades, an emblematic S2 City Park sign has been installed near the lookout point of the lake, serving as a gathering point for group activities. Other signages and markers will likewise be replaced, repainted, refurbished, or repaired with ample lighting during the evenings. 

For young children, a key addition will be two new sets of integrated playground equipment – with swings, seesaws, merry cycle, and rocking animal riders – while mini ones will be scattered throughout the park to cater to the growing number of young families in the area and their safety during play. And because of the new features and IJM Land’s optimisation efforts, there will be no clamouring to use the same facilities simultaneously.


To add a light-hearted touch of differentiation, there will also be various Instagramable backdrops and structures to attract peripheral visitors to Seremban 2. Art Studio Corridor’s very own founder Elmer Leong has been enlisted to interpret the core themes of art, homelife, creativity, and living harmoniously with nature.

This includes 10 brightly decorated cottages littered throughout the park to relax, unwind and snap a couple of selfies; while playground cylinders, nondescript cylinder block barriers and electrical boxes are given a new lease of life and hand-painted with colourful artwork and illustrations of cuddly animals. Collectively, they represent a throwback to the carefree days of yesteryears – replete with a full cut-out of a bus sekolah (school bus) and other colourful murals.

Finally, the much-anticipated ‘Tapir Corner’ has been successfully installed as the new iconic feature and serving mascot of City Park. This is to promote awareness of endangered tapir species protected under the Wildlife Conservation Act 2010 in Malaysia.  

“City Park has been a tremendously vibrant hive of activity with Seremban 2 residents and the neighbouring communities,” says Mr Chai Kian Soon, Senior General Manager of IJM Land. 

“The purpose of upgrading City Park is to rejuvenate a cherished green hub for all homeowners. This will once again unite the community, enabling them to fully enjoy the amenities we provide. We are committed to harmonising fun and safety while prioritising the well-being of the community, irrespective of the leisure activities at City Park.”

As a familiar sanctuary away from noise and traffic congestion, City Park provided a brief respite from the daily grind that many living in the vicinity have grown immensely fond of. 

“A pop of colour goes a long way, and our nostalgic approach to create a cheerful and happy atmosphere with delightful cartoonish characters and bright colours harkens back to the days of our youth when we were less guarded as children compared to adults. Our approach towards communal living is intended to push the boundaries of our personal spaces beyond the confines of our homes with others in the Seremban 2 community,” concluded Chai. 

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