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Kopi Story #001 – Ipoh White Coffee and online Gourmet Coffee Beans

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Coffee and its advantages

I know many of us love coffee. On a typical day, I have three cups. Some like it black (with or without sugar), some like it with milk without sugar and some like a strong cup with fresh milk. Great thing to know for us coffee drinkers would be all these advantages of drinking coffee: (if we drink it ‘Americano’ stye yeah.)

#1 – We are 23% to 67% LESS likely to get type 2 Diabetes. (click here for full article)

#2- Our risks for Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s are lowered (click here for details)

#3 – Coffee is great for our liver! (click here for details)

#4 – Coffee has LOTS of antioxidants too. (click here for details)

There are more but I think these 4 already makes a great reason why coffee is better than soft drinks or even fruit juice (with lots of added sugar)…

My personal barista and coffee bean buying journey

One day a good friend told me that he has bought a coffee machine and he could whip me some awesome lattes. He made me one cup and I think it’s a great idea for me to start buying beans and get a free latte every now and then. I went online as usual, started buying coffee beans. Recently, i started buying from this vendor called Arabica Estate. The coffee beans were really fresh and very good. Of course, it also depends on what kind of beans we buy yeah.

Let me recommend to you this one awesome one. It’s called Geisha Anderacha G1 and it comes from Ethiopia (top 10 coffee producing country of the world). Geisha is said to be a superior Arabica variety and it has that complex and dense in taste. Perfect for me.

This is a single origin, so it was not blended. Single origin means the beans come from the same farm and of the same variety. Sometimes, coffee beans are blended so that the overall taste is enhanced and it could achieve a more complex taste.

This Geisha Anderacha has no such need. It gives you that balanced feel and not the usual sourish or bitter which we have from similar and yet not so similar arabica beans. Like this kind of beans?

This is the vendor if you like to also be buying that same one yeah (Arabica Estate).

White Coffee in Ipoh

If we google white coffee Ipoh, we will get so many results we may feel a little analysis paralysis. Plus, the results are usually almost those same few because people would click the first few and then they will go there, taste it and then they will post the similar first few as everyone else. Haha. So, google kept returning those same results. Anyway, I was buying some swiss rolls which are very soft, delicious and fresh nearby and I had a cup of white coffee here.

The ‘pembancuh kopi’ was an old man and his coffee is nicely blended. Not so coffee strong like Nam Heong or too milky like many other shops but his version is right in the middle; well combined coffee and milk and I think it’s worth dropping by for your fix of white coffee too. To provide I really did drop by, here’s that MySejahtera app login.

Haha. Sorry, forgotten to take that cup. Next time if I go again, will edit this post to add in. Happy dropping by Number One Mei Sik Wan. It’s a corner shop kopi tiam. A large cup is just RM2.40 Usual cup is around 200ml++, large cup I think is 300ml++. Value for money lah but the shop has no air-con yeah.

A few more coffee stories including one about white coffee with aroma of kaya toast but let’s do it one by one yeah. Happy coffeeing…

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