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Surprised? Malls start to show vibrancy again.

Malls for me will be a great sign of whether we are recovering or are we in another crisis. Do note that when a crisis happens, unemployment becomes so acute that even when people have money to spend, they dare not spend for fear of what’s happening next. Here’s a latest one from my latest visit to 1 Utama.

We love to buy things

We love to buy things. During the start of MCO, we started to love to buy things online even more. As soon as we were allowed to go to malls, some say that it is so troublesome to write and scan, write and scan and thus many may not want to go. I disagree because these people who were saying it definitely are not mall-goers like me. It’s true though. The first time I was in 1 Utama, car parks were empty and it’s easy to just park ANYWHERE I like. Haha.

For the past few weeks, this was no longer the case. Today, I was lucky that a car was on the way out from a spot, else, I am not sure how many rounds I would need to turn on a weekend or a holiday weekend. So, I was in 1 Utama on 31st August 2020. Selamat Hari Merdeka my dearest home.

Foldable Mattress – Good quality!

I was buying a new foldable mattress. By the way, this foldable mattress is HEAVY! For the few thin layers. Of course, the brand is a good one, Sea Horse. Top in Hong Kong it says. Do get one if you need a foldable mattress. Just do not park at old wing. It’s really heavy. Haha. Oh what’s this for? Aiya… in case my wife asks me to sleep in balcony, at least I have a mattress okay… ūüėõ

JD – So many people?

As I was passing through JD, I saw one line of people queuing. I counted probably around 15-20 people. Then, I was wondering why was there another line and then I realised that the line was so long that it has become one U shaped queue! Okay, so here’s 30-40 people queuing to enter a store in 1 Utama. I looked around but could not really see any huge sign saying ‘clearance’ or ‘closing down’ sale. There’s however a 30% off sign…

This brings me to this question. Supposed there was a sale in JD, if the people are all struggling to even have breakfast, lunch and dinner, they would not be here queuing, right? This is why I do think our GDP numbers for Q3 2020 will definitely be on an uptrend if compared to Q2. Let’s see if my positive thoughts are correct yeah. Probably need to wait till November before they release the number.

Spend wisely (if it can wait, it can wait)

This is not the time to overspend yeah. Situation remains fluid even if there are more and more vaccines for COVID-19 being announced as ready or in the final stages of testing. There’s that prediction that winter would mean COVID-19 become more powerful again in terms of infections. Just need to keep being aware and keep wearing masks NOT just for your safety for everyone else’s safety. Happy shopping in the mean time.

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