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Good news Melaka. More tourists spending in the future, coming in from the sea.

No idea how many times have I said this but I love Melaka. Earlier article why I think so: 8 reasons why buying a property in Melaka is not for you Last year, I was in Melaka 5 times. Beyond just the attractions oreven the UNESCO Heritagecity status, one thing which stands out is that even when we go to the Jonkers’ Walk, most of the stalls are manned by locals. This is something which many other cities no longer have.

This is the same even for the food stalls in food courts for example. Hopefully this will continue to be true for a long time to come. The last thing we want is for all the stalls selling delicious Malaysian food being operated by foreigners. Regardless of the taste, well, it’s no longer authentic yeah. For those with property investments in Melaka, good news for you. Melaka will have another catalyst for tourist arrivals. This time it’s via the sea.

Article in here. Yong Tai Bhd said that it had secured a contract to develop an international cruise terminal in Impression City Melaka. It said, “The proposed development to be built on Kawasan Bandar VI, Daerah Melaka, is part of Yong Tai’s flagship mixed development project with estimated gross development value of RM8 bil.”

Yong Tai Bhd CEO Datuk Wira Boo Kuang Loon said “The completion of the cruise terminal is slated to be a major game changer for Impression City, further strengthening the mega-project’s gross development value over the long run.” Boo said the cruise terminal is integrated to the Terra Square retail mall and this will help to increase footfall for the mall too. Article in here.

Before everyone suddenly rush to buy, it’s very important to have a little more details too. If the reason to buy is for own-stay, this new development does not affect the decision tremendously. If the investment is somewhere nearby and the reason is to rent it out to tourists, then do note that these tourists may not need a place to stay yeah. They have already paid for their rooms inside the cruise liner yeah.

We should also know which are the potential cruise liners which will be stopping by? What may be the frequency per week? How big is the ship and how many potential tourists are we expecting. From these, we can at least calculate the additional number of new tourists coming into Melaka and we will know the potential of accommodation needs moving forward. Of course visiting Melaka is a must even if it’s just for the food yeah. Happy anticipating.

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