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Free and Fun for family with small kids (Saving for property, haha..)

Do you have young kids and you want something FREE, FUN and yet everyone gains a lot of new knowledge doing it TOGETHER? Well, libraries are a good place to bring your kids. First of all, how many books have you read for the past 10 months? If you have not been reading, chances are, your kids are not really reading too. It’s actually a culture which usually start with encouragement from the parents. These days I do not read as much as I did when I was in secondary school but a few books per year is still quite certain. As you know, we must buy some books which is deductible for tax… right? Haha. Anyway, I used to read over 150 books at the highest point. Yea, I am serious. My father would borrow a couple from his library and I would read at least 2 per week because I was a librarian and I am used to hanging out at the library nearly everyday after school. What a boring life? Haha.
The one I usually go to would be the National Library of Malaysia, the kids library. It’s along Jalan Tun Razak and parking is usually not hard on weekends. It’s not something very impressive but it has enough books to keep my daughter interested, whether English, Chinese or even Malay. Yes, she is great in all three (I do not believe one is superior than the other) and she is already better than me in Chinese…. Hopefully she learns more Hokkien and Cantonese as she grows up too. Borrowing a few books per week would already be a few hundred per year and if it’s RM20 per book, I would have saved easily a thousand ringgit. Knowledge is free as they say, parking too! Well, if it seems a bit far, there are many more at this link here in TheStar. I have not visited any of them but if you did, do let me know if they are great yeah.
I have also been to the KL library in Bangsar South but the number of books there are much lesser. Parking is free and parking is easy during the weekends too. Sigh, somehow parents prefer to bring their kids to the mall perhaps. Haha. Another very impressive one is the Perpustakaan Raja Tun Uda in Shah Alam, Selangor (article in TheStar). The official website here. That one looks modern but parking is not that easy. Take a look at the image to understand what I meant by impressive. I have also been to a couple of libraries in Ipoh too and they are usually pretty friendly to kids. As a parent, I think there are more tolife than just smartphones or malls. Our kids need our guidance and well, libraries can be a good place to be. Free, Fun and lots of learning for you and me. Hey, RM1,000 savings per year from books can go into the property investment fund too. Haha. Be happy!
written on 15 Oct 2017
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