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Press Release: DIDIAN, Digital Marketplace For Developers and Property Agents


Press Release: DIDIAN, Digital Marketplace For Developers and Property Agents

Didian; Malaysia’s first B2B marketplace for primary residential properties from developers, is a modern real estate platform that accelerates and grows property sales. With its technology, industry know-how, and a nationwide database of more than 3,000 agents, the property technology company helps developers and agencies by providing an easier, faster, and more efficient way to help buyers secure their dream homes.  

With proven track records with Malaysia’s most reputable developers and an eye on market trends, Didian’s platform automatically pairs the most qualified agents from its national network of over 3000 experienced agents from over 400 agencies to make selling and marketing projects fast, intelligent and seamless. Since 2018, Didian has transacted RM2.2 Billion worth of bookings, and reputable developers who have leveraged on Didian have seen 100% take-up rates on projects listed on the platform. 

“Developed in response to issues such as finding the right project to sell, cashflow problems and paperwork, which have been identified as the reasons for agents and negotiators leaving the industry, we developed our platform to make it easier and convenient for them to work. We are focused on empowering agents to sell more and be more productive. We design products and services to help the agents on our platform to grow and succeed. For developers, our platform allows them to reach out to more agents which will enable them to have better sales velocity,” said Chow Nam Kit, Co-founder and Director of Didian

Selling a property can be a very difficult, complex, time-consuming, and, most importantly a costly process. Here is what Didian offers for a seamless and a pleasant experience to our partners; agencies and agents: 

  • At Didian, every agent that signs up gets a mobile app, designed with a level of functionality and intuitiveness to help them reduce time and friction in selling property.
  • Didian features digital booking, real-time data access and commissions status tracking, and supports back-end administrative processes. 
  • 7-Day Express Commission; Didian pays fast commission to your agency upon SPA & LA signing. With Didian, you never have to worry about cashflow issues again!
  • Agent Cooperation Network (ACN); maximise your conversion and let a Didian partner assist you to close a sale. 
  • Sales Management Support; Get live updates on the booking made on the Didian App. 

As for the property developers these are some of what Didian offers an all-in-one platform to market, launch, and sell projects:

  • Enjoy either in-person or virtual balloting events for your new projects that will be organised by Didian.
  • Developers can accelerate sales by leveraging on Didian’s wide network of agencies and agents immediately. Didian’s platform recommends agencies to developers’ projects based on our proprietary algorithm. 
  • Didian is able to offer market research, sales and marketing strategies based on market trends. 
  • Stay up-to-date on sales statuses from appointments and loan outcomes to SPA signings on the Didian Dashboard.
  • Didian’s end-to-end platform is designed to support developers at any stage of the project marketing lifecycle — pre-launch / post-launch / completion.

Didian is the preferable marketplace you go to ensure your real estate business runs smoothly. It is convenient, smart and provides you with the real estate sales and marketing services that you need. 

To learn more about Didian’s offerings please check out Didian’s website: or reach out to any one of the helpful Didian customer service team via email at or call +603-2391 0118. 

— End Of Press Release —

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