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Are You Game to Own A Home? #BringMyraHome Is Here to Make Sure of It


Press Release: Are You Game to Own A Home? #BringMyraHome Is Here to Make Sure of It

The journey to find the love of your life may be a bumpy one, but that doesn’t have to be the same when you’re looking for your dream home. All you have to do is reach out to Myra and trust her guidance. Understanding the struggles that homebuyers face when it comes to homeownership, developer Myra launches the #BringMyraHome campaign to help make your homebuying decision-making journey as pleasing as it can be.

Myra’s main intention is to remind you that she cares and it will be her priority to make your homeownership journey exciting yet hassle-free, especially for first-time homebuyers. Through the #BringMyraHome campaign, homebuyers can expect a multitude of online resources as well as proper online guidance from friendly and well-trained property consultants.

“More than addressing doubts regarding homebuying, along with the challenges that come with the process since COVID-19 came into the picture, we hope this campaign can help young homebuyers conquer these hurdles and provide them with more access to affordable homes.

On top of innovative and practical spaces that address contemporary lifestyle and needs, we are motivated to further educate homebuyers through the initiatives under #BringMyraHome campaign and to build houses that last for generations” said Wendy Lim, General Manager of Myra.

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Digital Solutions to Homebuying

The pandemic has changed our way of life, including how homes are built and sold by developers. Buying properties has proved challenging with the movement restrictions and the unstable economy from the homeowners’ end. Fully aware of these circumstances, Myra has decided to introduce a plethora of digital solutions that encapsulate valuable resources, as well as providing a seamless online purchasing experience.

In line with the developer’s initial focus on educating homebuyers, Myra is enhancing the capabilities of its informational hub to provide an improved, more informative and guided education that will be accompanied by a seamless homebuying experience. As a result of the education and information provided, first-time homebuyers will be well-informed in making wise decisions.



Furthermore, this campaign also intends to help homebuyers to understand the concepts of affordability and eligibility as a prerequisite to the process before even conferring with property consultants. This can be done through Myra Super Calculator, a cutting-edge feature that is able to provide projected costs of buying a property.

Following that, Myra will also be collaborating with Dr. Shazril Shaharuddin, medical doctor cum influencer on a digital homebuying workshop where he shares his personal homebuying experiences at 11am on 16th Oct.

“I remember being so clueless and nervous when I was buying my first home and no one really talks about how big of a commitment it is, especially if you are not familiar with the real estate industry. There is a constant burden of always making the right choices at every turn and that alone can be pretty exhausting. Fortunately through this upcoming workshop with Myra, you will get a clearer understanding of home-buying. I will also be sharing about the importance of creating healthy living spaces during the pandemic,” said Dr Shazril.




Additionally, Myra’s homebuyers will have unlimited access to Myra’s Homebuying Hub that acts as an all-in-one platform that facilitates booking and conversion processes. This hub transforms a traditional homebuying process into a more innovation-driven one by doing away with tedious physical methods, simplifying homeownership’s experiences.

On top of that, those looking to house-hunt soon can also visit  Myra’s official website for engaging bite-sized content regarding homebuying. This includes Myra’s 4-Step journey and Myra Library, both available as blog posts on the Myra platform that have been curated to not only educate homebuyers but are also tailored to provide an enjoyable experience.

Further to that, as Myra looks into understanding all homebuyers’ behaviours, wants, and needs even better for their future homes, the company will be launching a  free, fun and interactive platform called the Member Myra in the near future. It’s a platform that’s designed exclusively for first-time and existing Myra homebuyers and Myra will be partnering with many other brands for this initiative.

“Before joining Myra, and even now during the pandemic, one could hardly find any reliable online resources that homebuyers can turn to for credible guidance on how to navigate the current uncertain homebuying scene. I am glad that Myra is rolling out this initiative that will cater to various target audiences.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an outgoing or shy person, just as long as you’re interested in buying a home, Myra will arrange for a suitable date with a property consultant that you could open up and speak to. As a company that’s big on culture and inclusivity, we hope to be able to offer our services to people from different experiences and personalities, said Akil Kalimullah, Culture Chief of Myra.

For more information on the #BringMyraHome Campaign, as well as practical tips and advice involving property and finance, you can reach Myra on a WhatsApp link or follow Myra’s profile on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. For more information, visit


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