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Do you visit Melaka at least once per year? If you are working within Greater Kuala Lumpur chances are you may visit Melaka more than once per year because it’s just too near and too hard to resist the many attractions there, especially food as well. We see many Singaporean cars in Melaka too every weekend. In the future, it may not just be Singaporeans with cars, it may just be Singaporeans who travelled there via bullet train. The more visitors to Melaka, the more spillover effects would be for products and services and this in turn drives economic growth too.

There is now news about Melaka’s station within the High Speed Rail (HSR) line between Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. Article in here. The Melaka state government said that it has identified a new site fo the HSR station. Public Works, Transport, Public Amenities and Infrastructure Committee chairman Datuk Roslan Ahmad, it will be located near the Green City, and between Mukim Durian Tunggal (an Alor Gajah subdistrict) and Mukim Ayer Panas (a Jasin subdistrict).

He shared that the alignment will avoid high-density places and thus reducing the high cost of land reclamation which will add into the cost of the project. He said, “The HSR2.0 project in Melaka involves a 60km track, and we are given to understand that Malaysia and Singapore have agreed to extend the discussion period to Dec 31.” Full article here: Article in here.

According to googlemap, it takes around 1 hour and 47 minutes to drive from Kuala Lumpur to Melaka. Image as below. In other words, if the HSR is in operation, then Singaporeans going to Melaka may also be taking almost the same time BUT in a much more comfortable condition because they could walk around, drink coffee and well watch their handphones. Of course, there’s that option for KLites to travel to Melaka via HSR too but I think KLites will drive because it gives them more flexibility in terms of the time to go back since KL and Melaka is not that far apart anyway.

Let’s hope that the conclusion for the HSR at the end of this year will reveal that the timeline for HSR to be completed has been pulled forward and no longer 2030? Anyway, that’s my hope and yes perhaps one day we shall arrange a day trip to Singapore for a bunch of humorous readers yeah. Teh Tarik in KL, arrive in SG by 11am, find a nice food court for lunch and then do some free stuffs in Singapore before returning by 4pm and arriving in KL by 6pm. We have a seafood dinner somewhere and then say good night. Sounds like a plan? This article will serve as a reminder. Haha.

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