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Well meant advice or it’s just tough to get a perfect property?

I remember the first time I told my parents that I was going to buy a property. Their first question was, can you afford one? I was only a junior executive then, can’t blame them. Second question was the location that I was buying. They stay in a very good area in Ipoh. Third question and fourth question were because I told them I was buying only an apartment of 700sf. Is there a place to cook? Would there be a place for me to dry my clothes? Fortunately, I chose that apartment because I can do up a kitchen and there’s a balcony where the sun shines every day. So, I passed all these questions and I bought that apartment that I wanted, together with my wife and stayed there for 4 years. What about you? I think perhaps instead of being asked, many would offer you advice instead? I come across this very good article in that I must share. You can read their full article here: Too many cooks spoil the broth
Some selected tips include:
– Do not face North: Hard to dry clothes
– Do not face South: Too hot
– Do not face East: Morning sun
– Do not face West: Evening sun
Nearby these areas?
– Cemetery (night time visitors)
– Hospital (ambulance siren 24/7)
– Facing T-Junction (resting point for spirits trying to decide which way to go)
– Facing dead end (in case of emergency you have no alternative way out)
– Facing mountains (the mountains are supposed to be behind you to back you up, not in front of you where it represents a block in your life)
– House number which has number 4 or anything adding up to 4 (die early)
As mentioned, the tips that they have is more than these two items that I feel are quite funny. Take a look at their full article here: Too many cooks spoil the broth  Oh yeah, I think if we follow every advice listed, the conclusion is just one. Continue staying with our parents or renting. Buying our own home sweet home might just be a wrong choice no matter how we come to the conclusion. Happy deciding whether you have lots of advice or no advice.
written on 27 March 2015
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