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Your money is your money. Period.


Your money is your money. Period.

When our income stops, do we have enough money to still live comfortably? Or would we have to cut off all our usual expenses down to the minimum and always frown when we look at the depleting savings account on a daily basis? Well, how about spending our money for ourselves versus leaving them all for the next generation? How much is enough for us and how much is enough for them? Here is an advice from someone quite influential in the real estate world as well as some facts about Malaysia. We are already an ageing nation and will become an aged nation by 2044.

Article in A shout-out to seniors and those getting there. You deserve to unlock the equity value of your property to retire in comfort. Malaysia will becoming an aged nation in 2044 (14% of population aged 65 or higher). We are already an ageing nation today (7% of population agead 65 or above). By 2056, we will become a super-aged nation where 20% of the population is aged 65 or higher.

Rising cost on top of shrinking savings are the dilemma of many retirees who do not have a pension for support. In December 2021, EPF said that 6.1 million of its members had less than RM10,000 in their savings. Among these, there are 3.6 million with less than RM1,000 in their account. The article has more details and also talks about Malaysia’s first reverse mortgage scheme. Here’s the article: Article in

How much to leave for the children?

How much money should a parent leave for the children? I do not think there’s an universal answer. I think in ASIAN context, the answer is a lot. Some parents may be willing to spend little on themselves and give everything to their children. In the western context, the answer is likely to be much lesser versus the ASIANs.

My personal belief is children should be given some of the wealth but the wealth accumulated should also be spent by the ones who accumulated them. Yes, that includes me as well. I firmly believe that just earning, saving and then giving it all away is not a wise decision.

All the best everyone and please remember that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. 30 years of non-stop working must have at least 20 years of comfortable life, at least. Cheers.

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