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Toppen, JB. Family friendly (especially for kids), definitely.

Entrance. TOPPEN. was invited to the opening of Toppen but we were not able to make it. Toppen opens with 90 percent tenants open on same day I am here, a few weeks after that day and let me tell you my views about this new mall; Toppen. One word? Friendly. Two words? Family Friendly. Three words? Great for everyone. It’s huge enough. 1.25 million sq ft. As comparison, MidValley mega mall is 50 percent bigger at 1.7 million sq ft.

Parking space. I was here on a Saturday and there were still availability of car parks in P2. P1 was nearly full. There were many options to get into the mall from the car park. I really hate it if there were just few entrances and everyone has to walk a long way if they parked at some spots far away from those few entrances.

Retail lots are ALL open. Okay, I think it’s true that 90 percent of all the retail lots are open. I only see a few here and there where the shop is still not open. Lots of clothing, food, carts here and there and more importantly, there are a number of brands I have not seen before in some other malls. Look at the images below for one of it.

Kids, Kids and Kids. I think I have to reiterate, kids related stuffs is the most powerful ‘weapon’ a mall needs. Toppen has many indoor playground for kids. Plus that very enticing playground with water features on the top of the mall. Just go up via the cinema escalator and you will see the entrance.

OLYMKIDS. Fun and play if parents pay.
Kids – The Parenthood @ Toppen

I think I shall not write too much. Just refer to the photos and go visit the Toppen when you need to visit a mall in JB.

Toppen Shopping Centre. Airy, contemporary and pleasant.
Toppen Garden on “Topp”

The shopping mall scene continues to be vibrant, especially in KL and JB. This should be good for the competitive ones and going to be affecting all the ones without anything special to attract visitors again and again. Keep showing all the less competitive ones with our lack of visits and all those we love ones with more visits. Do not worry, online shopping cannot replace all these experience for the couples, family and kids. Happy visiting TOPPEN @ JB.

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