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3,714 sq ft (super huge) in Sunway Damansara and only RM946,000?

In case, you like to know where is this Sunway Damansara, google map image as below. There’s an auction unit from the Sunway Opal Damansara development. The price is also very attractive for the size. RM946,000 for 3,714 sq ft? To put this in context, typical build-up for a 20 x 70 double storey landed property may be around 1,600 sq ft to 1,800 sq ft. If the property is a 24 x 70, then probably the build-up could be 2,300 – 2,400 sq ft. Note that this is just a general guide. Some homes may be bigger or smaller.

sunway damansara

So, this 3,714 sq ft meant that it’s possibly 2 times the size of a double-storey landed terrace unit! Image as below. Opal Damansara Condominium. Tenure is leasehold. Auction date is 8th February 2021 and the deposit required to bid would be 10% of the auction price. If we use price per sq ft calculation, this is just RM255 per sq ft. Okay, we must note that when the size of the unit is smaller, the price per sq ft is usually higher and bigger units tend to have a smaller price per sq ft. So, even for the same area, there’s no such thing as the same price per sq ft for a small unit versus a larger unit.

sunway damansara

Ready to buy for your family?

3,714 sq ft is suitable for most family size… It’s suitable even for a family of 4 and the grandparents love visiting occasionally. There are 5 bedrooms and there are 5 bathrooms too. No need to share with anyone. A couple can also buy of course but I am not someone who fancy staying in a super huge place where I occupy just one room while all the other 4 rooms are left empty. Erm… just not my personality. So, if you have been looking around for big-sized unit, it may not necessary be landed. This one’s way bigger than most of the landed you have viewed if they are terrace homes.

How to bid?

If you happened to be the only bidder, you will win this at RM946,000. The market price is said to be much higher. You can go to the actual website to register for this auction yeah. Cannot register through The actual site is this one. All the best and hopefully there’s only one bidder who is you, the reader of this article. Perhaps can even tell me if you are the successful bidder. I can write a follow up article too. Happy bidding!

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