Yes, MCO 2.0 is extended. It has been formally announced. No more rumour here and there. It’s officially announced to all. As announced today by Senior Minister (Security Cluster) Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob, the MCO 2.0 is now extended until February 18 2021 in all states except for Sarawak. This extension will also come with stricter monitoring guidelines too. He said that the new guidelines will be issued by the National Security Council (MKN) later. (I believe later here means very soon, hopefully within these few days?)

MCO extended
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In the briefing today, he said, “The first is the tightening of enforcement, followed by the management of employees’ accommodation, the standard operating procedure (SOP) compliance at workplaces and more aggressive monitoring, as well as stricter overall compliance monitoring and inspection.”

He added, “This is also followed by active and more aggressive screening programmes, deployment of Covid-19 extermination squad or community volunteering in prevention, temporary placement of the natural sector, the national immunisation programme and the increase usage of technology in everyday life and lastly, to ensure the implementation.”

Important Advice

STAY HOME yeah. Unless really necessary, there is really no need to add to the statistics. Learn some new things to cook. Do not spend too much money buying unnecessary stuffs online. They will not be used and your money will be gone too. My wife just said this to me today, “Everyday also got stuffs coming from Shopee?” Okay, I have to explain that all these are necessary stuffs. I am about to start baking some cheesecakes and sell them. Just for fun for now. Later, we will see.

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