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Property News Genting: Pay toll to go up Genting Highlands?

Property News Genting: Pay toll to go up Genting Highlands?

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Genting Highlands is my favourite place to chill too

I have bought many pairs of shoes from the Genting Premium Outlet (GPO). Yes, GPO is a real premium outlet and not like the one in Penang or the one in Melaka yeah. Those are outlets, not premium outlets yeah. I have also brought my family to the indoor and the outdoor theme parks and just recently went up to listen to my favourite idol Rene Liu as well. It’s my second time watching her concert too. Going up is merely an hour. No big difference from someone going to work in KL city centre from Old Klang Road at peak hour. Haha.

Coming back to the toll gate up Genting Highlands news. I was speaking to a friend about paying toll to go up Genting Highlands and she told me that it would not bother her since she goes up less than 3 times per year. I told her that even though I go up 4 times per year, I still think it’s okay for me. Read why I say so at the end of this article yeah.

Article in The Bentong Municipal Council (MPB) has issued a stop work order for the alleged construction of a toll gantry near Gohtong Jaya for visitors to the popular hilltop resort Genting Highlands in Bentong.

An MPB source said, “The developer has to submit a building plan, planning permission and plan consisting details about the piping, and road layout but MPB did not receive anything. No permission was given to build the gantry.”

The source said while MPB was made to understand that the gantry was for the construction of toll booths, the approval to collect toll charges did not come under the council’s jurisdiction.

Yesterday, a Chinese daily reported that motorists travelling to Genting Highlands would soon have to pay toll charges and that Lingkaran Cekap Sdn Bhd, which is in charge of maintaining the roadworks in Genting, would manage the toll’s operations. Do read more here in Article in

Yes, I think I will pay the toll if I want to go up the hill

Don’t get me wrong yeah. I do not like paying toll just like all Malaysians. However, someone or some company must pay to maintain the stretch of road going up Genting Highlands, right? Also to take immediate actions if there are some signs of landslide etc etc etc. Just need to remember that a long time ago, it used to be just Genting Highands resort up there yeah. These days, more and more developers and developments are coming up.

In other words, the road users would also be increasing tremendously too yeah. In the end, there will definitely be a debate on whose role is it to continue maintaining the roads when more and more people are using it and these people may not necessarily stay up there inside First World Hotel or any other Genting Highland hotels yeah. People stay below Gohtong Jaya, just drive up there to enjoy the theme park or the cool air and then come down every night and pay to stay somewhere else. It’s not too hard to understand… right?

I do not own any Genting shares and have no interest to buy any at the moment. Just saying things as it is. Cheers.

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