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Property Investment 101: Home price cannot keep rising non-stop lah

modern buildings in downtown of megapolis

Property Investment 101: Home price cannot keep rising non-stop lah

Even in the advanced property markets, prices need a breather

Actually the line which attracted me in the article was the final line. It says, “A public housing unit was resold for a record S$1.5 million (US$1.1 million) in June.” Wow… S$1.5 million for a public housing unit yeah. I checked with my good friend in Singapore and she said this is applicable only to the units in great location and superb views too. Nevertheless, I am very sure her unit would become 7 figures in the future, if not yet for now.

Let’s look at the property market in one advanced country. Yea, the one which was mentioned by a comedian who’s not even a citizen from that country. Haha.

Article in Morgan Stanley analysts Wilson Ng and Derek Chang wrote in a note on Monday, “We believe the recent moderation in prices was driven by the latest round of property cooling measures in April, and we expect prices to edge up for the rest of the year,”

Price momentum may finally be easing after a buoyant run that saw the city-state’s red-hot property market defy a global slowdown from London to Shanghai. To keep a lid on apartment prices, the government doubled stamp duties for foreign buyers in April to 60% — the highest among major markets. It also raised levies for second-home buyers.

Singapore home prices fell for the first time in three years in the second quarter, suggesting the market is cooling on the back of the latest property curbs.

Singapore’s property frenzy has also reached the market for public homes. An index of Housing & Development Board resale prices reached a new high in the second quarter, rising 1.4% from the previous three months. That’s the 13th straight quarter of gains. Do read here for the full article with more details: Article in

How high can it go to?

No one can tell you the answer to this question. Whether for the property market, for the stock market or even whatever type of investments which we want to do, no one can tell you how high it could go. At the same time, no one can predict for sure how low it can go as well. We buy when we feel the price is right. We know when the price is right by knowing what we actually buy.

Landed properties in Penang island was once upon a time 5 figures. Today, it’s six figures. My first condo in the Klang Valley was RM188,000 and many years later I sold it for RM460,000. That bowl of laksa used to be 10 sen. Today, it’s easily RM6-7. In the future, all these numbers we are talking about would remain just a historical number because it will continue to reach new highs. Just need to remember one major reason is also because the value of money is reducing, so price goes up to compensate for it. It’s also called inflation too. 🙂

All the best in your investments.

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