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CAN’T predict the market but CAN give facts about… Kuala Lumpur.

Before you continue to ask me why I am always so supportive of the Malaysian property market or whether there’s something wrong with me, well let’s get this straightened out first. Sorry, I am not saying we should simply buy any property in Malaysia or even within Kuala Lumpur yeah. Whether it’s a booming market or a market with lots of unsold properties, a bad property remains a BAD property and a good one will eventually find its value when the market regains its footing.

Now, since this is cleared, let’s read these few lines from a prominent property personality. I do not know him personally but I have read about the company he represents and it’s definitely a super huge one. The company is Lendlease and the personality is its Asia chief executive officer Tony Lombardo. That full article in The Edge Financial Daily is here.

“We can’t predict the market, but we can give buyers facts. What people do is compare the relative pricing of Kuala Lumpur, versus some of the other cities. If you look at Kuala Lumpur, people see a lot of embedded values because of the price point they are entering. So people will make those calls, because they will make those comparisons,” said Lendlease Asia chief executive officer Tony Lombardo in a recent interview with The Edge Financial Daily.

He also explained that he sees potential future appreciation in the long term and that fundamentals for Kuala Lumpur is generally similar to many other markets. There are values to be found because of the price points which people are entering. he was also confident of its ‘value-proposition’ residential tower in the upcoming financial district the Tun Razak Exchange (TRX). This is his views about urbanisation projects. He said, “One of the key things we are seeing globally is urbanisation projects. Because of their connectivity and amenities, people are now willing to pay a price premium, and they are paying for that proximity to have access to various things.” Please do proceed to read his full views in That full article in The Edge Financial Daily is here.

By the way, there is NO need to believe him if you believe in some other property markets outside Malaysia, okay? Stay focused on finding value and as long as that particular market shows promise, by all means do go ahead. Property investment does not need to be confined to just one market or even type for example. Just remember that Same car, same property? Different results for different people .

Anyway, the Malaysian property market is not just Kuala Lumpur yeah. There’s the other markets from Penang to Ipoh to Melaka to JB and even Kota Kinabalu and beyond. it’s just taking that longer term view and buying something we need and start forcing ourselves to save money via property too. Happy believing and buying yeah. Happy deciding.

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