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Why you don’t want your RM8.8 billion? Please claim it!

You received a cheque for dividends from shares you hold for a particular company. It’s probably less than RM100. You put in on the dining table thinking that you will bank in the cheque tomorrow. Unfortunately, you then spill coffee by accident and the cheque got wet. You tried to dry the cheque with some tissue papers and it got worse… You then think, perhaps I should ask the company for a new cheque and cancel this one.

You kept the cheque in your wallet and when you found it many months later, you were too lazy and decided to just forget about it. After all, it’s less than RM100 and it’s too much hassle to do so many things. You have a full-time job and taking a half-day leave to go and settle it will probably be more expensive than the money you are trying to claim… Many more similar situations but you get the picture… These are known as UNCLAIMED MONEY. There are now RM8.8 billion of these unclaimed money today.

Article in . The Accountant General’s Department of Malaysia (AGD) managed to return RM2.13 billion to the public up to December 2019. These accumulated monies include salaries, bonuses, commissions and other payments made to employees; dividends and profits declared for distributions; insurance claims; tender deposits; and sundry creditors or sundry debtors with a credit balance.

Besides these, the banks also channel the money from matured fixed deposits, dormant savings, current and fixed deposit accounts too. The AGD is the trustee that oversees the unclaimed money. This year, the AGD launched an online portal called eGUMIS (Electronic Government Unclaimed Moneys Information System) to facilitate the public to check the status of their unclaimed monies. AGD said, “We do regular monthly awareness talks on unclaimed monies involving companies and firms at all AGD’s state offices across the country to ensure they comply with the requirements of the Act, maintain a complete unclaimed monies registry and lodge a submission of unclaimed monies to the registrar before or on March 31 every year.”

Yes, I have registered via the eGUMIS and registration took just minutes. Please ensure you have a smartphone next to you yeah. As for the search once you have logged in, the results from checking too just seconds! We only need to enter our IC number. Look at the image below for the screen after we logged in and wanted to start searching for the unclaimed money.

Click here for that official site from AGD yeah. Happy claiming what we actually own and perhaps what we have forgotten that we have over the many years of missing some money here and there. Perhaps this is also a proof that the government departments are very serious in wanting us to claim back and we could then start using the money to buy whatever we want. Online shopping works too. Happy registering and claiming it yeah.

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