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MCM’s London Musical Circus in JB – My kids love it. Bring yours!

Have you been to any circus? I have been to quite a number ever since I was still at the primary school. This afternoon, I brought my family to the premiere of MCM’s London Musical Circus in Johor Bahru. This is the first time that a musical circus was held in Malaysia and according to the emcee, it was even the first time in South East Asia that there is a circus held within a dedicated indoor venue. It was in the Level 7 of Capital City in Johor Bahru (JB). I was given free tickets because I was recognised as a media / blogger / influencer. Let’s just answer 5 questions about this musical circus.
#1 – Were my kids entertained? Yes. One is 5 year old and the other is 3. Both of them were excited and watched it from the beginning until the end. It was the second time that they get to watch a circus. The whole show was 2 hours and I do worry if I need to entertain my kids if they suddenly got bored with the show. Usually, when they go cinemas, they could only watch half-way before losing interest. I think this is a circus for family with young kids and wife too. My wife enjoyed it too. The acts are easy to understand and some of the circus acts were mesmerising too, for example, the dazzling trapeze. Image attached.
#2 – What’s with “Musical Circus”? Yes, this is the first time I saw so many singers and dancers within a circus show. There were musical acts including singing and dancing in practically every routine. Yes, even for the trapeze, they were accompanied by two singers on the ground as they perform high up in the air. There were many nice songs today. Two of them include Madonna’s Material Girl. Click here to listen and of course, there’s my favourite song from Pink – So What. Click here to know the song.  For some of the sections, the song and the act was very much integrated too. This definitely helped to increase the level of interest. I think it’s a clever integration. Circus and Music.
#3 – Were the crowd entertained? Yes, judging from the response they gave to the emcee who’s a handsome guy, I think the answer is positive. They came from all walks of life and someone I knew told me that this was the first time ever that he saw a circus in JB. He’s 35 this year. At first however, I could see that some of the people were fanning themselves because the air-conditioner were not cold enough. Fortunately, this was okay before the show started. The whole show was in English but if my daughter could understand it, I think it will be a great show for most of everyone.
#4 – Was the indoor venue suitable? The venue is at Level 7 and the cars were also parked on Level 7, at least all those who arrived early. This is a good arrangement. As at today, the Capital City mall is not officially open and the renovations are still in progress, even for the hotel on the same mall. The air-conditioning system is just okay for me (I sweat easily) even though the two ladies seated in front of me had their jackets on. The sound system is okay for the singing but could definitely be upgraded for higher level of enjoyment. The toilets are of mall standard but my wife said there were just three cubicles which meant that during the break of 20 minutes, a queue formed at the ladies’ side.
#5 – Was it value for money? The tickets were fully sold out for today. At RM40, we get an air-conditioned arena (typical circus are usually conducted under a giant tent which meant the comfort level is by far lower. I paid RM35 for the last one in KL that I went to last year). We also get entertained for a cool 2 hours by live acts which required all these performers to train for years. Beyond just the circus, now we get the music and dancing too. Of course, if the mall is fully opened, then it would be perfect. Shopping, dining and circus all under the same roof. In brief, Yes, I think this is worth a visit. Go and enjoy yourselves.
Quoting my good friend, “The Greatest Showman is highly entertaining and worth our Ringgit!” Take a look at what MCM’s London Musical Circus has to offer:

Click here to follow the Facebook posts. As for booking of tickets, please click here.   For those who prefer to talk over the phone, please call:  +6016 4071880.

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  1. This looks fun! Wonder if they will perform in KL as well, because watching movies at the cinema every weekend is getting boring, lol. XD

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