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Investing to grow our wealth with low management fees and low entry cost?

Is stock investment scary for many? I think it is. According to a survey of Americans, 61% of all adults think of stock investment as “scary or intimidating.” The survey here. That’s a pretty scary survey result I think. 61% is a very high number. I could not find a similar survey done for Malaysia but I remembered I asked 12 friends here in Malaysia if they are investing in stocks and the answer is only 2 are. The rest are either not interested, had lost money or thinks it’s just too time consuming. They do not have time to keep watching the stock market.

By the way, I said, ‘Invest.’ I did not say trade stocks yeah. Investing simply meant we do due diligence on many potential stocks to buy, identify one for the long term, continue buying it on a monthly basis without fail and after a couple of years, we get good returns on investment. With a good company, the investment returns are definitely higher than the fixed deposit. Okay, assuming we are really busy and have no time to do due diligence on the stocks which we should buy, then what could we do? Well, we could call up some of our friends who are selling unit trust and tell them that we want to buy. The only issue is, which is the best? Will our friend be a long term contact for our investment? (Most unit trust agents do not last very long actually. Two of my unit trust agents left after 12 and 24 months respectively and my unit trust were then transferred to a stranger…)

Or we could read about how Stashaway is helping you to invest. StashAway is the intelligent wealth management platform that’s designed to build and protect your wealth, whether that’s RM5,000 or RM50 million. Their motto, “Investing like it should be.”

Stashaway made its mark as Malaysia’s first digital wealth manager when it secured a capital market services licence from the Securities Commission Malaysia (SC) in November last year. It started from Singapore and in Malaysia, it has already secured over 5,000 registrants within the same month it was launched. StashAway co-founder and CIO Freddy Lim said the company enables investors to focus on their long-term investment goals instead of reacting to market and media noise.

He said, “Firstly, StashAway offers individual investors portfolios that are tailored to the appropriate level of risk they should take based on their financial situation, investment horizon and risk preferences. Secondly, as the technology that runs StashAway’s intelligent investment framework makes decisions based on macroeconomic data points, investor’s asset allocation is based on economic fundamentals and not noise created by financial markets.”

Stashaway offers advantages such as low entry cost, management fees set at 0.2% to 0.8% per annum, and no sales charges and minimum balance, StashAway is providing an affordable alternative for the public looking to gain access to financial markets. The platform’s users can choose from 31 different portfolios with the most conservative exposed to 55% protective assets while the highest risk portfolio has a 100% exposure to growth assets. Investments are concentrated in fractional shares and exchange-traded funds (ETFs). Just in case you want to know how they help invest our hard earned money, read here for a better understanding.

Let’s be very objective here yeah. This is not a scheme where everyone thinks about earning double digit returns per year yeah. I think Stashaway offers all investors another avenue to invest some of our savings for better returns. Again, it’s based on the portfolio which we are most comfortable with. When we look at the unit trust for example, if we are very aggressive with an equity type of funds, we may be gaining or losing a lot on paper in a short period of time. However, as we continue the investment via cost averaging, we will soon see a more stable kind of return because fluctuations in the stock market is a certainty. Happy investing yeah. Here’s the site again.

article written in collaboration with Stashaway.

Property Investment always start with knowledge. Equip ourselves with more here.

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Charles Tan

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