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NO condition i-Sinar opens for application. Are you applying yet?

I do think this is a big news for many people, tomorrow. Yes, we are speaking about i-Sinar application. Yes, it’s about applying to withdraw our EPF money for the purpose of survival since many people were affected by COVID-19 pandemic. One thing is for sure, the money withdrawn will move into the economy quickly if it is indeed to survive. Else, we may see the stock market getting another boost.

As for the applicants, this includes for my good friend who told me that he will reapply since his first application was rejected. You see, he did not qualify previously. Well, this time when he reapplies, I think he will get it. It’s now non-conditional yeah. It will be a big amount for him. As for what he intends to do with it, let’s just leave it to him. It’s his money and thus it’s his sole decision.

Article in The non-conditional i-Sinar application will open tomorrow, for all other members below the age of 55, subject to their available Account 1 balance. The new applications will be processed within 5 working days of submission and these would be the conditions:

a) For those who have RM100,000 and below (Account 1), they have access to any withdrawal amount of up to RM10,000. The payments will be staggered over a period of six (6) months with the first payment of up to RM5,000.

b) For those who have above RM100,000 (Account 1), they have access of up to 10% of their Account 1 savings. However, the maximum total amount withdrawal allowed is RM60,000. The payments will be staggered over a period of six (6) months with the first payment of up to RM10,000.

For further information, members may contact the i-Sinar hotline at 03-8922 4848. Do read the article in full here: Article in

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Before we end the article this evening, let it be known that I am the few minority who disagrees with NO-CONDITION application for i-Sinar yeah. I seriously do hope that anyone applying it do understand the implications to their future. Hopefully everyone would still have sufficient time to add back what they will be withdrawing this time. Hopefully, the economic recovery really do happen as per planned; after the vaccinations have reached 70-80% not just for Malaysia but throughout the world.

Happy understanding that spending future money today may not be a good decision but it will only be felt in the future. That’s the issue. Article here for reading: Using future money today is not a wise move

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