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HSR: Joint Tender, Joint Development Partner

Another sharing on High Speed Rail KL – Singapore. On 22 August, a JOINT Tender will be called by Malaysia’s MyHSR Corporation Sdn Bhd (MyHSR) and Singapore’s Land Transport Authority (LTA). This will allow both sides to appoint a Joint Development Partner (JDP) for the HSR. This is something very similar to the current MRT construction where a Project Delivery Partner is appointed to ensure everything is on time and within budget. Else, the PDP will not gain anything or even suffer losses. 

The JDP will provide project management support, technical advice and procurement advice relating to the high speed railway systems and operations. It will also be developing the technical and safety standards for adoption by HSR project. ” “In addition, it will assist the Joint Project Team established between Singapore and Malaysia with the preparation of documents for the forthcoming tenders relating to the joint aspects of the project, such as the appointment of the AssetsCo and OpCo International.” 

HSRMYInterested firms? Visit here beginning 22 August 2016: MyHSR’s website or LTA’’s website. The tender is open to firms which have advised on large public private partnership infrastructure projects including HSR projects of similar size and complexity or firms with experience in providing project management, technical, commercial or legal advisory services relating to HSR and/or rail projects of over or equivalent to 200km of track. This joint JDP tender meant that the HSR is moving along smoothly. Anyway, 10 years is really not that far away. Hopefully by then, I could visit Singapore like few times per year. 🙂 

written on 21 Aug 2016

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  1. Excellent timing to develop n create new economic corridor along this 350km hsr line
    Hopefully able to complete earlier than the scheduled 10 years delivery timeframe, maybe within 7-8 years

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