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It does NOT have to be 400km per hour. Ok… Will it be earlier then?

High Speed Rail (HSR) is needed. It is a catalytic project benefiting not just Kuala Lumpur and Singapore but also all the stops along the way. Someone may plan a business meeting in Singapore in the afternoon and he could still have a good nasi lemak breakfast with his family before boarding the train at 1030am and arrive in Singapore by 12 noon. Then, he is connected to the MRT and before 30 minutes, he is shaking the hand of his business partner in a nice cafe in Singapore.

Now imagine a few hundred of such meetings and when it becomes quite a norm, imagine many more thousands and more of these meetings. I know, someone would like to point out to me that why not use a video call instead? If you are in the business / corporate world for some time, you will understand that nothing beats a meeting in person yeah. Video calls facilitate communication. Period. Not as a real replacement for relationship building.

There is a potential change for our HSR KL – SG yeah. Maybe, just maybe instead of 90 minutes to Singapore, it may take longer. At the moment, we do not have further details but our Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad shared his views recently.

Article in Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said that the government will study the feasibility and cost of the project first before making any final decision. He said, “We will go ahead but we will need to find what is the suitable speed that we should have.”

He said, “It is not necessary for it to be 400 kilometres an hour; if it’s 400 kilometres an hour, it could even reach Alor Setar.’’ He added that the HSR project will be scaled down because the government intends to be prudent with its budget. He said, “We would like to spend less money. For me it can be scaled down or have the necessary adjustments in order to reduce the cost.” Do refer to the full Article in

Good news is that HSR will proceed. There are no bad news. Potentially, the specifications of the HSR may be changed. Higher speeds of high speed rail meant that the current tracks may not be good enough. Lower speeds may mean that the current tracks may just need some upgrading? No idea, let’s wait for more official announcements since HSR was supposed to have been delayed as per earlier announcements. Happy following.

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