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Growing your balcony garden with Brazillian spinach

This article will be posted on a weekend. Growing your balcony garden with Brazillian spinach. Easy as ABC. B stands for Brazillian. Haha. To the ones staying on a landed property, there are by far more plants you could plant. Maybe a papaya tree where you have to give some of the fruits away because when it rains, it pours?

Balcony Garden?

For the rest who is staying in a high-rise, having a small balcony and with some sunlight, here’s something to grow which will make you feel proud (hey… you can grow your own vege!) and you get to show it in social media (everyone would say wow… you can grow vege!) too. Haha.

Brazillian spinach Q&A. If I did not cover them here, send me a message okay?

#1 – How high will it grow to? It will grow to a maximum height of maybe 30cm. That’s it.

#2 – Can be planted into a small pot or a bit pot? Yes. It’s super suitable for pots.

#3 – Special soil needed? Nope. Any soil you can buy from the plant nursery is fine.

#4 – Many pests which will attack it? Nope. Thus far, nothing has attacked any of my 5 pots.

#5 – Is it bitter like the bitter gourd and so kids will hate it? Nope. In fact it’s not bitter at all.

#6 – Easy to cook into a fish? Beat 2-3 eggs. Cut the Brazillian spinach leaves, stir-fry for 30 seconds, pour in the beaten eggs. 2 minutes later, Voila, an extra dish.

#7 – Can just cut and throw into the soup for steamboat dinner? Yes.

#8 – Does it die easily? – It does not die easily and it does not die even if you have forgotten to water it for a few days. 3 days is very safe.

#9 – How do I start? – To start, you can either buy one pot of Brazillian Spinach from the nursery or you buy the actual vegetable from the supermarket, cut off the leaves to eat and use the remaining stem to plant your Brazillian spinach. To help it grow faster, just dip the stem into a shallow glass of water until it grows some roots. Then you plant it and it will grow 7 days faster versus without the roots first.

#10 – Does it need full sun? More sun = more growth but it grows even if it receives just an hour of sun daily.

#11 – How long till first harvest? 21-30 days. Second harvest maybe just 14-21 days.

#12 – When can I harvest? When the leaves are the size which is shown in the image, you can harvest them.

brazillian spinach

#13 – Are Brazillian spinach good for the body? It’s vegetable, so it’s definitely good. Here are all the rest of the benefits All the benefits of Brazillian Spinach

#14 – Kids love it too. My son hates vege. My daughter only eats some. Well, Brazillian spinach fried eggs? Both eats it and their parents are happy that it’s protein and fiber both at the same time.

#15 – How does it taste? It’s like spinach but milder. Easy vegetable to eat yeah.

#16 – How many pots needed for a meal? 5 big pots (32cm diameter pot) with all fully grown Brazillian spinach is enough for 3 harvests in one week, each harvest enough for fried eggs with spinach.

#17 – How soon can I show off to all my friends in social media? 21 days… you can show the pot with fully grown leaves first. Then by 30th day, you can harvest and stir fry with one egg… Haha.

#18 – Can I be rich from balcony farming? Hahahahaha… Let me catch my breath. Hahahahaha. Nope, your balcony garden will give you lots of relaxation as you watch what you plant growing. The total you spend is by far higher than the harvests you get.

Happy growing your very own Brazillian spinach. Okay, in my balcony garden, I have harvested the following thus far: (including plants which are still growing and has not yet given me fruits of labour)

  1. 2 small tomatoes (tree died, now replanting)
  2. 5 harvests of kang kung
  3. 8-9 ladies finger
  4. 1 time siew pak choy
  5. 3 small cucumbers
  6. 3 long beans (tree died, now replanting)
  7. Ginger (maybe a total of 500gm thus far, a few are in progress, another easy plant)
  8. Papaya tree I planted was transplanted back to Ipoh home. Parents eaten a few papaya too.
  9. Strawberry (from 2 pots from a good friend, now I have 6 pots, still no strawberry)
  10. Some kind of cactus
  11. Some kind of mint (can be used to boil with herbal tea)
  12. Periwinkle flower (aka as Vinca)

I have also failed to plant the following too.

  1. Potato plant (planted a few times)
  2. Chilly (planted a few times)
  3. Carrot (planted a few times)
  4. Onion
  5. Broccoli
  6. Cabbage
  7. Watermelon (tried a few times)
  8. Bitter melon
  9. Bottle gourd
  10. Aloe Vera (last time in Penang I could… now in KL I could not… I wonder why)

Happy planting yeah. I have just shared with you the easiest vegetable to plant. Do not fail please. 😛

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