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A close friend just complained to me about the Gen-Y in her companies. Always complaining non-stop. Always not satisfied of anything and everything. Thinking the company should follow what they think. Come to think of it, I quite agree. A lot of these Gen-Ys are really ‘unbearable’. However, today let me tell you about 3 minority Gen-Y friends I know.
One is currently a legal consultant who has been working for 5 years. A very smart lady with impeccable English and if you have met her would see none of those traits of the typical Gen-Y that you see in your working place daily. She has bought a property and is currently paying for it. A RM500,000 condo nonetheless. Gives her mother allowance every month without fail.
Second Gen-Y is currently in corporate sales. She decided to switch her career from QA to sales because she realised that her potential is not looking at things and deciding if it meets requirements or not. Her life should be a successful corporate women and one that earns a good income. Within 2 years, she became one of the top sales in her company, and is currently looking for a property with a budget of RM600,000.
The third Gen-Y works so hard that I hardly see him. He passed his ACCA as well as an Accounting Degree so early that everyone of his friends were still studying when he started working. He’s now already a manager with a BIG 4 Accounting firm and the last I know, he has already two properties which he was renting out and he was looking for another one.
Mind you, all three are not humble. I specifically told two of them, never be humble. Why should they be humble when they are so capable, so confident of their own abilities and capabilities? All three are however very DOWN TO EARTH. Very easily approachable and very helpful. You would not know how successful they are unless you really know them. Gen-Y are never known to shy away from achievements. They work hard towards their goals and typically try to do better every time they do something. Thus, they do not have ‘been there, done that’ mindset which plagues a lot of the ‘unbearable’ Gen-X as well.
All three share ONE common trait. Their appreciation for property. Property investment is not something which you jump in by luck. You should have studied enough, know enough and investigated enough before you buy your first one. Majority of Gen-Y complained about expensive properties but the capable minority ones just went about buying them and buying the second one and so forth. Due to the need to buy property, they would also not simply spend their money and value their hard earned money much more. Two of them have very high English proficiency and yet both joined Toastmasters. The QA one has slightly above average English and yes, also a Toastmaster.
Thus, if there’s one distinguishing factor that I personally see in Gen-Ys, I think we see Gen-Y + property investment, these are the better ones.
written on 27 dec 2013
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