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It does not need to be retail or property, ok. Why not prawns?

When people think of business and they think of prawns, they may think of restaurants or retail shop for seafood. Not many would think of prawn farming. I do not yet own or operate any prawn rearing farms. However, I have read a bit more and would like to share some additional information about it. No one knows, maybe a few readers of readers will tell me 2 years later that they have started exporting their black tiger prawns?

Recently, I received 2kg of XXL-sized black tiger prawns from a good friend. I have tried two different ways to cook it and will be trying another style this weekend. Read here to know more as well as how did I cook and enjoy it. Two words to describe the prawn meat; succulent and sweet. Someone said this about XXL tiger prawn meat; it’s poor man’s lobster. I have eaten lobsters a couple of time, I think they are right. My XXL black tiger prawns came from Manjung, Perak. This is not the only place where these ‘luxury’ prawns are farmed.

Article in Some salient points from the article on black tiger prawns. Prawn production in Johor state increased from nearly 6000 tonnes in 2018 to nearly 6400 tonnes in 2019. The prawns are exported to South Korea, France and Monaco. The mentioned company has been operating since 2010 and has been exporting aquaculture products to Australia, China, Japan and some in Europe too.

High standards are needed to export tiger prawns to Australia. Thus product quality has to pass DOF standard requirements. The laboratory test was carried out by a certified lab accredited by the Department of Standards Malaysia. The company has also received recognition from the Health Ministry’s Food Safety and Quality Division for products that are free from prohibited antibiotics and are safe to consume. Do read the full article here: Article in

When we do something which the world is demanding for, then our market becomes super big. In this case, seafood which is an enjoyment (we are not talking about chicken okay…), many in the world will pay top money for it. In fact, when we look at the countries we are exporting to based on the article, it’s almost surreal yeah. South Korea, France, Monaco and Australia?

Malaysian prawn farmers exporting to South Korea which is itself a seafood exporting country! In 2016, South Korea exported 456,700 tonnes of seafood worth US$1.6 billion (RM6.94 billion) to the world. France is meanwhile one of the cuisine capitals of the world. Monaco meanwhile has nearly a third of its population being millionaires… Tiger prawn to them is probably daily staple. For us, XXL-sized tiger prawns are usually reserved for special occasions. I certainly do not consume it even on a weekly basis. By the way, if you are interested, this industry is called Aquaculture or Aqua Farming. Happy exploring.

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written on 23 Jan 2019

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