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Don’t ‘kill’ your sales people yea… (HOT SUN)

Every time a sales person closes one property deal, the reward is pretty good. That is why some sales people (either from the developer or from a real estate agency) are willing to work long hours everyday because one sale is already equal to one new iPhone or more. Anyway, I had lunch with relatives in SS2 (PJ) today. It was 130pm (afternoon). One huge truck was parked in one of the roads. The truck was beautifully decorated and we can see that the back portion had been turned into a temporary cum mini sales gallery. I could see a few ladies seated inside the transparent back. The back portion must be made of high-grade and strong plastics I guess because even tempered glass would be a bit too fragile. All the ladies were seated and were fanning themselves. Yea, I think they are hot, I mean they must be feeling hot. (Temperature…) The particular project that the truck was marketing is a huge integrated one and the developer is a famous one.
Perhaps the first question is, who decided on such a ‘truck marketing,’ and second question is whether the person who decided has actually been on the truck at 130pm in the afternoon. Well, perhaps the air-condition on the truck has malfunctioned today? However, even with a strong air-con, it will still be warm inside the truck. It’s under the sun and it’s transparent… Are they really expecting customers to go up the truck and while listening to the explanation, sweating…? I did not try because I was rushing but I promise that I will try and listen to experience it first hand. Actually, if the truck is parked in some shaded area, it is a good marketing strategy. They are reaching out to more potential buyers on the streets and if the sales people were well trained, then the success rate would be pretty good.
Okay, if the question is whether this is a good or bad marketing tactic, well, perhaps it’s just an awesome idea which was not executed properly. Hey, maybe after reading this article, they would park that truck under some shaded areas in the near future? Coming back to the working environment. We must never ‘kill’ our sales people or for that matter, any of our staffs at all. It is extremely important to make sure they are comfortable. If we ask them to work under some stressful environment, it is highly likely that they would not be able to perform well. People seeing them (sales people) working in this kind of working environment, especially potential customers would also feel for them and this is negative for the developer. Oh yeah, it’s not just the sales people yeah. Any developer whose guard post is dilapidated and their guard is working in a stuffy little hut, I promise to give them a piece of my mind. We are fellow working people anyway. Stop ‘killing’ them and start motivating them instead. When they feel good, our results start to be good. Cheers.
written on 22 April 2018
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