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Decathlon has reopened and this is what to expect

Decathlon has reopened and this is what to expect if you intend to visit too. This is for Decathlon Sri Damansara yeah. I have only visited this particular one on Saturday (4th September 2021)

Sports Lovers, Decathlon is definitely one very good place to visit

I used to go Decathlon every other month and this is probably my first visit after 3-4 months. It has the diversity of sports… It has the diversity in choices for every level; from beginners to amateurs and maybe also the serious ones. I learn so much about other spots whenever I am there too. Plus the fact that everything can be tested and tried too. Plus friendly staffs!


Okay, about choices, I have been wearing a Decathlon badminton shoe for some time. Cannot say it’s the best because I bought the mid- range. They do have a base range they call the ‘Technical.’ The price is really attractive by the way. I am very sure if we buy the more expensive one, it will be even better in quality too. Now, let’s talk about my visit.

Yes, everyone was asked to show their vaccination certificate

They have one staff checking everyone’s smartphone. Only the fully vaccinated ones could enter and they have a banner with the dates specified. Hopefully, no one tries to enter with a fake full vaccination screenshot. If they do catch that person, please report this and give the video recording to the authorities. Let’s keep everyone safe. There was also a queue forming because of this personalised checking too.

If you do not qualify, please do not come yeah.

What about the number of visitors to Decathlon?

I could find a parking spot immediately versus needing a couple of minutes when I come during the weekends previously before the current reopening under National Recovery Plan (NRP).

Visitor wise, I think it’s safe to estimate it at around 10-15% of their usual. There were also kids. Some sections are closed, for example, the Camping Equipment section. I guess they just do not wish for people to have any close contact to one another.


As everyone who has visited Decathlon Sri Damansara would know, there is sufficient space between different sections and thus, when I visited this time, it does feel very spacious.

What about people ACTUALLY buying?

When my wife wanted to pay, there were available counters and many Decathlon staffs were ready to assist too. At the same time, there were a few other customers also paying for their goods too. So, yes, people were not just visiting but they were also shopping. Maybe they just need a new running shoe too.

People are paying

I will be back. I like to buy a few new socks.

I just realised I needed some new socks. I have been rather active with my brisk walking for the last 4 months. I cover around 200km per month. For September, let’s aim for 270km. So, I should be back next weekend probably for the new socks. I wonder if there would be any of them under special offer too. Wishing all of you a safe visit too.

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