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COVID-19 immunity will boost the economy. Are we ready?

COVID-19 immunity will boost the economy and it’s not just ours yeah. It’s for the world.

Okay, I do not think people will get full COVID-19 immunity anytime soon. However, COVID-19 immunity will boost the economy. The reason is a simple one. When people feel safer, they will be able to go back to what they love to do, want to do and of course the need to do. In fact countries could even start discussing very seriously on travel bubbles and that’s a super huge thing because there’s definitely a build up of ‘revenge travelling’ among everyone who has NOT left the country for 1 year or more.

My wife is definitely one of those who would love to fly again. She would have to wait a bit still. Perhaps 2022 would be a much more realistic year to fly again. Here’s what our Finance Minister said and explained about COVID-19, about vaccinations, about the current interest rates and about the economy.

Article in He said that the systematic roll-out of the National COVID-19 Immunisation Programme will be the key to drive Malaysia’s economy back on its track.

He said, “We have many reasons to believe that the worst is behind us. I am certain that Malaysia will emerge stronger by the end of the year.”

He explained, “Moreover, Malaysia’s National COVID-19 Immunisation Programme which has commenced since late February 2021 will support the reopening of our economy and spur business activities. This will be supported by a robust recovery in global trade and higher crude oil prices.”

He reminded all Malaysians, “It is crucial for the country to achieve herd immunity as soon as possible to ensure full recovery of the economy, including sectors that were hit hardest such as tourism, retail and aviation.” Do read the article for a lot more sharing by him here: Article in

The economy depends on you and me

Yesterday, I dropped by Kuala Selangor’s Pasar Pasir Penambang and bought around RM300 worth of fishes. I think it will last one month as my wife cooks 4 dinners every week and we do not eat fish every meal. Sometimes, pork and chicken will also come into the menu too. After getting the fish supply, I had a good lunch and the bill was pretty affordable too.

Truth is, every time we spend money in the local economy, we will help the locals get some income. They would then use some of these for their other purchases. This is the multiplier effect and it’s important to have the economy moving again. Are you also doing your small part like me? Happy helping everyone. The economy depends on you and me.

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