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Buy Now Pay Later. Shopee gives me up to RM6,000.

buy now pay later

Buy Now Pay Later. Shopee gives me up to RM6,000. In this whole article, there are NO affiliate links for me to earn any incentives from Shopee. I just happened to be a Shopee user who got offered a Buy Now Pay Later offer. Happy reading about the worldwide phenomenon called Buy Now Pay Later.

What is Buy Now Pay Later?

Buy now pay later schemes are schemes where a shopper will buy whatever they want (and also need) and they do NOT need to pay for it immediately. They pay be required to pay later, maybe 30 days later. They could also choose to pay via instalments and usually this may easily be over 12 months, 24 months and so on. This scheme is now becoming very popular all over the world and I think it’s a big financial issue for those who could not control their shopping expenses.

RM3,000 and now RM6,000? Wow

I wrote this article earlier when I learnt that Shopee was offering me RM3,000 to Buy Now Pay Later. Read it here: Did you get RM3,000 from Shopee? When I checked with some friends, I realised that not all shopee users are offered such a credit. So, when I have just paid for my latest purchase, the Buy Now Pay Later by Shopee to me has been increased from RM3,000 to RM6,000.

No idea if it was because I did not use the RM3,000 and thus they wanted to give me more.

Anyone activated already? Please do share your experience

I counted, I buy roughly one thing per day from Shopee. Haha. However, I am not going to activate the RM6,000 because I do not wish to have that ‘thinking’ that I should continue buying since I have such a good deal. Buy now and pay later, so easy! So, for those who have better spending control than me and you have activated this, please do let me know your experience yeah. I am very sure many would love to know.

Will I stop going to the malls?

I am not going to stop going to the malls yeah. Buying from Shopee is for convenience, not as a replacement for window shopping. The feeling is totally different. I have 31 pairs of shoes, I prefer to see the actual shoe, actual colour, try it on, walk around and then only decide… to go to the next shop to also try and then compare before I buy. So, Shopee cannot fulfill all my needs.

This is one good article about Buy Now Pay Later

I always read this website for personal finance stuffs. The founder, Suraya has this article for your reading pleasure: Buy Now Pay Later is Evil. By the way, property investment can also be considered a buy now pay later deal too yeah. You buy a home and you start staying but you pay for it for the next 30 years. Of course, the right property is an investment yeah and this is not like some things you buy online with a buy now pay later scheme.

Happy deciding yeah. If you are really someone who can control your urge to simple spend, then buy now pay later is a decision. Else, stay away.

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