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Both sides are in ‘sync’ for HSR KL – SG. Now for the year end meeting.

If you are still thinking about the cost of High Speed Rail KL- SG and that the ticket revenue will not be able to cover the cost until 40 years later and therefore we should not build the HSR KL- SG, please skip this article yeah. There are a lot of other articles which support your view.

If you are someone who understood that companies could continue to grow in SG and employ workers who could stay in JB and both sides continue to prosper and that 300,000 people uses the link between JB and SG daily… then please read on yeah. By the way, HSR KL- SG is NOT just to benefit two points between KL and SG. It will benefit the many stations in between as well. Please always remember that only 5% or around that number of all Singaporeans actually own a car… And they cannot always visit just JB every weekend… Happy thinking.

So, an update that both sides sort of synced already.

This was the statement in Singapore’s Transport Ministry on 31st May 2020 when the HSR was suspended FURTHER.

The website link is here. Statement is below.

“In response to media queries about the KL-SG HSR project, we confirm that the Government of Malaysia has informed Singapore that it would like to propose some changes to the HSR project, and has requested a seven-month extension to allow both sides to discuss Malaysia’s proposal.

“Singapore continues to believe that the HSR project is a mutually beneficial project that will strengthen the connectivity and people-to-people ties between our two countries. In the spirit of bilateral cooperation, Singapore has agreed to a final extension of the HSR project suspension by seven months to Dec 31, 2020. We look forward to receiving Malaysia’s formal proposal on the changes to the HSR project soon, so that both sides can begin discussion immediately,” the ministry said.

— end of the statement —

A few days earlier, we have a statement from Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin. (click here for it: Article in

I do think it sounded positive. Like a good friend who wanted to accommodate his good friend who was facing some internal issues. At the same time, it explained very briefly the benefits of having this project because this will strengthen connectivity and people-to-people ties between both countries! Last but not least, it mentioned that this is a FINAL extension and I think this should be the final one because just a few days ago, this was what Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said.

He hopes that the discussion at Ministerial level for the High-Speed Rail (HSR) project would be held soon. He said, “For the 10th Annual Leaders’ Retreat (ALR) session which should be hosted by Singapore this year, I have told officers of the two countries to discuss and continue to propose a suitable approach to hold the ALR session or put up other proposals.”  That full article about what he said and more is here. Article in

I think both sides are in sync. Hopefully they will meet sooner than the year end retreat. Yes, I do think it could be fast-tracked and we really do NOT need to wait until 2030 or beyond in order to start going to Singapore daily via the HSR. Before we think it’s not a possibility, please do take a look at Japan’s shinkansen (bullet train) It’s just too expensive to stay within Tokyo. Many working people stay in another city which could be easily over 100km away. Earn good pay in Tokyo, pay lower rental in another city much further away. They then travel to work every morning. To and fro, they may have travelled over 400km. DAILY. Promote connectivities because this will promote business activity. Happy meeting…

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