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Better Employment. Great reason to resign but what is Better Employment?

Better Employment. Great reason to resign but what is Better Employment?

I know, I will get more clicks if I put the title of 72% of Malaysian employees want to leave Malaysia and look for better employment elsewhere… Haha. Sorry, I am not going to do that.

There was this one recent article which says that 72% of Malaysian employees would want to resign and leave the country to look for better employment. Here’s that article: Article in A research by Employment Hero from 1,004 employees showed that 69% of Malaysian employees love / like their job.

However, at the same time, 72% of young Malaysian employees are considering leaving the country for better employment opportunities. This is said to be significantly higher than neighbouring Singapore which is at 55%. Main reason is better pay and better career prospects. Feel free to read the full article here: Article in

We will look at some of the typical reasons people resign but I am also surprised that Singapore has 55%?? That’s very high too by the way since many Malaysians think about going to Singapore to work and yet in Singapore, 55% of them are thinking of leaving and working elsewhere. I wonder where. Coming back to some reasons to resign.

Somehow most of my friends also think the next job would be a better one

By the way, I can safely say that majority of the conversations about career with friends would reveal that most of them are thinking of changing their current job. Some said they felt overworked, under-appreciated or even underpaid based on market salary. Many other reasons were stated but generally the main reason is because they want a better job; better employment. Let’s look at some of the better employment reasons yeah.

#1 Higher Salary

Just remember that if we are moving for higher salary alone, soon we will be doing the same role but for a much higher pay. Perhaps we are lucky and the company loves us and continue to overpay us for the same responsibilities. This is dangerous yeah.

When someone else could do the same or better than us for a lower pay, we could be replaced easily. This is why moving to another job of the same type of work but for higher pay may not work out in the long run. Of course I hope anyone doing this will always be lucky and can keep getting higher pay and not needing to do more.

#2 More Important Role

I would resign for a more important role (higher responsibilities / level upgrade) even if it meant getting the same pay. Remember, the more important role we take up, the fewer people there would be in the market who has those experience and skills.

What we gained would soon be valuable and in a market of demand vs supply, it’s a matter of time before another employer thinks we deserve a much higher pay. By the way, if the current employer wants to retain us, they would also pay a higher pay too.

#3 Better Benefits

Sometimes, we got tired of having just a basic salary and no other benefits. So, if a company offers higher annual leaves, more incentives, extra allowances, extensive insurance coverage etc, we may also want to resign and leave too. By the way, even a nicer office will sway the younger professionals to leave their current job yeah.

In fact some companies also offer free coffee machines and I think we know some companies provide lunches cooked by chefs too! I also know of companies where they have in-house gyms too. Salary is no longer the only thing in any employee’s mind today.

#4 Higher Interest / Passion

Some of us wants to feel alive in what we do at work. Life is just too short to be working in a job which we have no passion / interest just because it pays us a salary every month. Of course this is not for everyone yeah. Some may just want to be safe and continue working and get that salary and then continue to complain that they felt bored.

However, this can be a very good reason to change job because when we work in something we are deeply passionate about, we either become very successful faster or our motivation always stay high and we are always happy to go to work every day. That’s great for the financial part or great for the health part, both are good reasons.

Just need to remember that the interest / passion should also be something the market appreciates yeah. Else, you will just have the motivation part and not the monetary part.

#5 Other Circumstances

There are also many other circumstances too. Perhaps we like a job which is nearer to our home. Hey, if it’s nearer to our home, we save a lot of time, a lot of travelling expenses. We can even have time to send our children to school and pick them back versus engaging services of others which will actually be higher expenses. Remember, if we send, then we also have closer relationship with our children too.


When someone asked me if they should sell their property, my answer is that they should know what’s the purpose to sell the property. If there are no valid reasons, why sell? It is the same as resigning. If it’s for a very valid reason, by all means go for the new role, perform at it and move up the career ladder faster. Everyone has that special push in them when they passionately do something to the best of their ability. Happy deciding about the next Better Employment.

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