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4th banknote auction: RM100 banknote won by RM50,000 bidder!

UntitledLast week I told a colleague who has one or two pieces of antique furnitures about the potential from banknotes, as long as they have special serial numbers. She did not know that even in Malaysia there is such an investment potential. I told her about the first banknote auction in Malaysia by Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM). It was auctioned by MNP Auctioneers, the official auctioneer for BNM. Read here: Banknote Auction Malaysia, First one ended on a high note She said, it does sound interesting but she missed the recent one just last weekend. It was BNM’s 4th banknote auction.
Again, the event was a huge success judging from the interest from within and overseas. Some details as follows:
Total Registered Bidders – 145
Total On Ground – 113
Total Online – 32
Total Overseas – 11
Total Hammer Price – RM605,300
Total Banknotes – RM360,400
Total Coins – RM244,900
Highest Banknote – RM50,000 (Lot 64, rm100, AA3333333)
2nd Highest Banknote – RM21,000 (Lot 58, rm100, AR0000001-0000010)
3rd Highest Banknotes – RM20,000 (Lot 65, rm100, BB1111111)
4th Highest Banknotes – RM20,000 (Lot 66, rm100, AR10000000)
Highest Coin – RM2,400 (Lot 98, Mirror Proof Like)
2nd Highest Coin – RM2,400 (Lot 186, Mirror Proof Like)
Mirror Proof Like 2Yes, you did not read wrongly. That special RM100 note was sold for RM50,000 to the highest bidder on the day. If you stashed some old notes somewhere, it’s the time to take them out now. Who knows, it may just provide a big holiday to the whole family. Special banknote or coins investment is huge in some developed markets. For example, London, Hong Kong and even our neighbour Singapore. I personally have one whole stack of old RM1. I think I will keep it for many more years. Who knows, my kids may be extremely happy when I pass it to them in the future? Happy investing. Do visit MNP Auctioneers for more information on the next event.
reported on 9 Mar 2016
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