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Act your wage. Earn this much, do this much. Oh…

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Act your wage. Earn this much, do this much. Oh…

What is Act Your Wage?

Act Your Wage says that we should just do as much as what we are paid for. If we are paid to write articles, do not also agree to do some work under the marketing team in the company. Never volunteer for additional work because we are not paid for it. If we are hired to be a finance executive, do not go and join other departments in some recreation projects which will inevitably take away our time from the official work which we were hired for. Is Act Your Wage a correct way to think about work? Read more first. My comments later.

Article in Act your wage simple means this: Do only and strictly what you are paid to do. No more. This is the principle behind the “Act Your Wage” trend that has been all the rage on TikTok in recent weeks.

“For example, if we have a junior employee, and she’s making US$40,000 (RM189,772) a year, it would probably not make sense to have so much work on her plate that she’s working 12 hours a day on a very high-profile project.

“Look at your job description, what you got hired for. What [are] the requirements of your job? Do that! And if you don’t want to get promoted, or you want to start looking for other jobs, and you’re stressed out at work, don’t do more than is at that level, that bare minimum, because that is what’s required in the job description,” says Maddie Machado, a professional coach who posts videos about the world of work on the social network. Read the full article here: Article in

We are not paid more, first. We are paid more, later.

I started working when I was 21 years old, after I completed my first degree. Actually, it was 2 months before my 21st birthday,. I starte dmy first job in July 1998. In fact, I got a job within one month eventhough it was not an easy time to get work then. In my first job, I was a Sales Executive in a Japanese MNC (number 1 in the world for its industry). When I was here, I volunteered to do a lot of things. I was super enthusiastic to help everytime my Japanese GM needed any help. For example, organising annual dinners.

Perhaps I was foolish for doing more than what I should? Haha. I have no idea but within my 4 years in the company, I receive above average increments for the first 3 years. I was also promoted TWO times. From all these extra things I did, I learnt many new things, I have many colleagues who do their very best to help me when needed. It was also because of all these that I was hired by another company almost immediately when I was looking out. Frankly, if I were to Act My Wage, I would not have all these promotions over the years.

What if my company does not pay me enough? It depends on the value of our work.

Stop doing things which will jeopardise our career. The truth is, if the company does not appreciate our work and we think we deserve more, than look for another job. If we could NOT find any other role which could pay us more, the problem lies with us and it’s best that we make ourselves more valuable and not following Act Your Wage blindly and continue to get the same level of pay for the same level of work. When there are others who could do our work for less, we may not even have a Act Your Wage role to do. Cheers.

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