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31 new MRT stations; look out for more choices

I was often asked this question. Where to buy? Well, I asked them back, ‘where do you think you should buy?’ The answers are mostly those few areas. Haha. Yes, they include the MK, the B, the C, the DPC and even the P. Haha. Maybe you can guess who are some of those friends who asked me by just looking at these areas. 🙂   I think buyers of these areas could not go wrong. These areas are mature enough and has everything that most of them would need. Beyond familiarity however, some of these areas are already extremely jammed today while some are already priced way above those from areas just 10 minutes away! Surely there are other choices? Let me think……….
MRTFortunately, there are now more choices. Take a look at the image of all the MRT stations in MRT 1. A total of 31 stations of which 15 will be completed by end of 2016 and another 16 by July 2017. Should we not look for secondary properties around these stations instead? Secondary properties which are properly priced per sq ft so that we can afford them? Secondary properties which will give us almost immediate access as soon as we finish with some minor renovations instead of waiting for 3 years to get the keys? Of course, there are also new launches around these stations. As long as the prices are within your budget and you prefer the feeling of owning something new, please do go ahead. Oh yeah, what about the future? Say few years later?
MRT2Hey, there’s the confirmed MRT Line 2 which was supposed to start in Q2 of 2016? Now, everyone can be connected? Total number of stations would be 36 and this simply meant that there are even more areas which we did not consider previously can now be part of a debate of where’s cheapest and biggest versus the convenience in the future. As usual, the closer the home to the station, the more premium one has to pay. Walking distance would be more expensive than driving distance. Do note that parking is a cost for consideration while walking is free and perhaps healthier too. One word of caution, paying too much is not advisable unless we intend to stay in that home forever.
Yes, there’s also the existing and new LRT stations, the current running and ever more BRT lines, KTM City express and not forgetting that one loop Monorail within the city centre. Driving may really be a thing of the past? Well, until today Singaporeans with babies would definitely prefer to drive during the weekends versus trying their best to balance the baby, the carrier, the baby bag and loads of shopping bags. Malaysians, let’s aim at driving ONLY during the weekends? Well, once MRT Line 1 is completed, I do hope that the number of cars can be reduced further. Happy hunting and searching.
written on 25 Mar 2016
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Charles Tan

Charles is Founder of He writes from his investment experience for the the past 20 years in investments including property, stock, unit trust and more as well as readings and conversations with many property gurus in the industry. is an independent property blog which is not affiliated to any media company, property developer or even real estate agencies.

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  1. I was looking at nidoz located in desa petaling and was wondering if you thought that this development would be good for capital appreciation considering the relatively near distance to the kuchai lama station on mrt 2.

    1. Hi William, I think it’s important to note that for most properties, the longer term capital appreciation is quite certain, especially because we have inflation, we have higher salaries and cost of materials also go up. The most important few factors for capital appreciation thus would be whether or not the property is properly priced (compared to similar properties) nearby as well as other areas but with similar traits. MRT has opened up lots of new possibilities and thus comparison would now need to include other areas too. I personally do think Desa Petaling is a good area (still considered affordable area) but have never visited Nidoz before. Happy investing.

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