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Yes, 24th by 2050. Yes, above many advanced nations of today.

If everyone believes that after GE14, we have a better Malaysia, then I think it’s a great news to the future of Malaysia, especially when we reach the year 2050. I will be 73 by then. Hopefully I am sipping Ipoh white coffee on the beach while watching my grandchildren running around? Langkawi beach perhaps since I am a Malaysian. Last year, there was a research published by PWC showing the most powerful economies in the world by 2050. I am happy with it but many friends tell me that I must be dreaming or that there must be something wrong with the research. For example, how could Malaysia’s economy be BIGGER than Australia’s? Even more importantly, how could Singapore be out of even the top 30 while Malaysia is in top 25? Let’s be reminded that the numbers are in US$ which meant that despite the currency differences of nearly 3 times, our economy (Malaysia) is still HIGHER! For the full list, do refer here yeah. 
32. Netherlands — $1.496 trillion.
31. Colombia — $2.074 trillion.

30. Poland — $2.103 trillion.

29. Argentina — $2.365 trillion.

28. Australia — $2.564 trillion.

27. South Africa — $2.570 trillion.

26. Spain — $2.732 trillion.

25. Thailand — $2.782 trillion.

24. Malaysia — $2.815 trillion.

23. Bangladesh — $3.064 trillion.

22. Canada — $3.1 trillion.

21. Italy — $3.115 trillion.

20. Vietnam — $3.176 trillion.

19. Philippines — $3.334 trillion.

18. South Korea — $3.539 trillion.

17. Iran — $3.900 trillion.

16. Pakistan — $4.236 trillion.

15. Egypt — $4.333 trillion.

14. Nigeria — $4.348 trillion.

13. Saudi Arabia — $4.694 trillion.

12. France — $4.705 trillion.

11. Turkey — $5.184 trillion.

10. United Kingdom — $5.369 trillion.

9. Germany — $6.138 trillion.

8. Japan — $6.779 trillion.

7. Mexico — $6.863 trillion.

6. Russia — $7.131 trillion.

5. Brazil — $7.540 trillion.

4. Indonesia — $10.502 trillion.

3. United States — $34.102 trillion.

2. India — $44.128 trillion.

1. China — $58.499 trillion.

With a BETTER Malaysia today (after GE14), I think it’s more likely that this research by professional services giant PwC will come true in 2050? Anyway, we can see that the U.S economy will only be 3rd by then and our neighbour Indonesia will be 4th largest. Yes, that’s one huge reason why we should be great trade partners to them here in ASEAN. The United Kingdom managed to squeeze through but when the research was done, I believe BREXIT decision did not happen yet.  Within ASEAN, there’s also the Phillipines and Vietnam which are both ranked ahead of Malaysia and Thailand just behind us. Clear sign yeah? ASEAN is going to be a very important trade grouping to have and we have better achieve higher trades among us too. As a grouping, out of the top 30, there’s already 5 of us and the highest is at 4th place. There’s no need to debate too much. All these are merely predictions and no one knows what will actually happen by 2030.
Population wise, we will be 52nd most populous nation in the world. Here’s that prediction.  Happy knowing that perhaps that investment in Malaysia should have a future.
written on 20 May 2018
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