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Vaccinations. Latest update and what’s happening after vaccinations.

A few things are happening currently with the vaccinations happening at a fast pace in Malaysia. c

Close to 90% of all new Covid-19 cases are people without full vaccinations. Yes, this means either the vaccinated ones are ALL staying home and the unvaccinated ones are always outside. Else, it means that the vaccinations are working. Article here.

Only 1.59% of fully vaccinated medical frontliners are infected with Covid-19. Article here.

States with higher vaccinations already show lower hospitalisation numbers even if infections remain high because of Delta variant. Article here.

With lower infections this will mean even lower hospitalisations for the fully vaccinated ones. This is why vaccination is so important.

USA latest news: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said 99.99% of people fully vaccinated against Covid-19 have not had a breakthrough case that resulted in hospitalization or death. Article here.

Now for the update. We can see I have selected those countries which have one of the highest vaccinations in the world and it includes Singapore which is actually at the top of the world. European nations were hit very hard and their vaccinations were very fast as there were availability of doses too.


Referring to the image above, Malaysia is now just behind the U.S. and unless the speed of vaccinations change for the U.S., Malaysia should equal them by end of August 2021. Vietnam’s vaccination speed is also like lighting and based on this momentum, it would equal Thailand by end August.

Meanwhile, we can see the Philippines vaccinations are slowing down. The first dose is very low indicating that more people are getting their second dose but not many are getting first dose or newly vaccinated ones.

For a travel bubble to happen for ASEAN for example, we need all fellow ASEAN members to achieve a good level of vaccinations. If you ask me, that should be 70% vaccinations among citizens. Would I travel if there’s a travel bubble? Yes, if my kids are also vaccinated. I am not one of those who is looking forward to stay home for another one more year.

Hoping for the best.

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