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Update about the ‘worst’ currency in the world

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Update about the ‘worst’ currency in the world

If you are an investor, do you want higher interest rate or lower interest rate?

Do take a look at how fast and furious was the rise of the interest rate in the US and do understand that if you are an investor, you are not that clever if you do not take advantage when the interest rates keep on rising every quarter. Would you still want to put your money in a place where the FD rate is much lower? This is the LATEST OPR for Malaysia. OPR is maintained at 3% (read here). By the way, the higher the rates, the worst it would become for the people servicing loans yeah. If these people pushes up the bad debts, it will not benefit anyone.

Meanwhile this is the exchange rate of the USD vs Ringgit (No wonder… right?)

Oh yeah, we have even more news of coming interest rate hike in the US too. Take a look. Google for the news if you like to read more.

Is the trend of USD vs Ringgit above the same for all other major currencies?

For Euro, not really. It has been fluctuating. If we count current times as not so positive, then there was a period of 5 years where it was really bad for the Euro too.

For Pound, not really. It has been fluctuating. These days, with Britain out of EU, it does not get easier for Pound yeah. We can see clearly the chart for Pound vs Ringgit is not like the USD vs Ringgit at all.

For Yen, not really. It has been fluctuating. We can see clearly the chart for ringgit vs Yen and there’s always up and down and it is not like the USD vs Ringgit at all.

For AUD, not really. It has been fluctuating. We can see clearly that AUD used to be as strong as AUD1 to higher than RM3.40. That was also the time when everyone was selling AU properties but to the ones who bought then, it also meant that their investments may not have not given them the promised returns.

Stay focused yeah. Ringgit cannot be rising against that major currency unless you really want us to follow the interest rise of that country. Every time it goes up, we follow. Imagine this. If it’s announced that our OPR will become 5 percent in the near future, rest assured that many investors would want to take advantage of this yeah. However… what will happen to all the ones who are serving monthly repayments yeah. Anyone ready to pay an extra 2.5% interest on top of our current payment? That’s a lot of money. Happy wishing for whatever you want in your mind. No one can stop you.

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