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There are many projects in Penang which is above RM1,000 psf. I have only been to a few of them including E&O’s Seri Tanjung Pinang in Tanjung Tokong and IJM’s The Light, right next to the Penang Bridge. Somehow, I happen to have a few very rich friends though I am very far away from being able to afford one of these two projects. It’s ok, they say your network is important. I will keep all these friends. Haha. Today, we will talk about a project which I think is pretty unique in Penang. It’s right next to the first bridge and it was not there when I first moved to Penang 16 years ago. Today, you see it clearly everytime you are driving into the Penang Island. In a few more years, you will see it even more clearly as the construction is continuing. Yes, it is IJM’s The Light Collections. The below is from a close friend who was there just few days ago. I think she is objective enough, thus here’s the sharing.
wpid-img-20140611-wa0041.jpg wpid-img-20140611-wa0046.jpg wpid-img-20140611-wa0045.jpg wpid-img-20140611-wa0043.jpg wpid-img-20140611-wa0051.jpg wpid-img-20140611-wa0050.jpg wpid-img-20140611-wa0048.jpg“Fancy waking up and walking to your balcony and watch turtles swimming past right in front of you? There are also over 10 baby sharks currently. How about arriving home, with a touch of button you know who had dropped by when you were not around? Or even catch a movie ONLINE within a split second of switching on your 50 inch LED TV? These are just some of the luxuries that you would have if you are willing to get a unit in The Light Collections. Besides just the usual quality finishings, it has a unique ‘sea around you’ concept. Truth is, you can’t be swimming in the sea outside your home but how about having corals within your common compound? I think this is a concept which is not available in any project in Penang thus far. Kudos to the designer who came up with this, whoever the person may be.”
You can see my close friend was clearly enchanted with the place and I think I would be as well if I was the one walking around and seeing the turtle swimming past me few feet away. Another friend suggested why not put in a salt water baby crocodile? Actually there are no issues with baby crocodiles. The only problem is, babies may grow to be big crocodiles. Haha. Okay, jokes aside, if you are thinking of luxury and you have earned your worth, then it’s worth viewing and thinking about getting one in The Light Collections. According to Mr. Toh, the GM who brought my friends around, as a project, he may not even completely finish this before he retires. Mind you, if you know Mr. Toh, he is energetic, vibrant and still look very young for his age. According to him, there are still a world class convention centre, hotel and even more commercial developments too within this reclaimed piece of land in the Pearl of the Orient, Penang. I just could not afford one at this moment.
written on 12 June 2014
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