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Super-wealthy? Buy a RM15.7 million car and leave it somewhere nice.

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Super-wealthy? Buy a RM15.7 million car and leave it somewhere nice.

Many years ago, a close friend asked me which two condos in Penang would I choose to buy if I am super-wealthy. I told her, if I am super-wealthy, I actually do not need to buy a condo because truth is, I would rent and stay anywhere I like. At the moment, I am still earning enough to pay bills, so I continue to buy properties so that I could enjoy some capital appreciation when I grow older. Probably before I stop working at 60? Haha. Okay, maybe earlier so that I have more time to do some travelling.

What happens to someone who’s super wealthy and happened to stay in Singapore? Maybe, just maybe they want to do this. Really a wow thing even if question remains as to why.

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What do you do when you are super-wealthy?

Article in  Victor Kwan, managing director of Wearnes Prestige said, “When you talk luxury, you think real estate, fashion, automotive… and Bugatti is at the top of luxury automotive, so to have a Bugatti showroom here is a significant moment for the Singapore automotive market and signifies Singapore’s status as a luxury hub.”

The Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport which one could buy but could not drive off the lot is S$4.98 million (RM15.7 million) for a base model without options.

“A lot of our customers buy a Bugatti as an investment or collector piece, or to pass down through the generations. Many are limited editions, and there is a market for such exotic luxury cars,” he added.

Owners of these luxury cars who are leaving them at the gallery can also do this. They could entertain their guests because within the private gallery is a private kitchen, private dining area and private lounge and cigar room for use should you choose to arrange a private viewing of your ultra rare ride, accompanied by a private dining experience for your guests with the services of a private chef.

Kwan summed it up for perspective: “With a hypercar, you’re buying a piece of history, heritage and story of the brand. So you really want to feel the experience of owning the car… Especially for a car you can’t even drive.” The article tells a lot about the lifestyle of the super-wealthy. Read it here: Article in

It’s really a wow! Oh yeah, what’s the price of a Bugatti then?

Specifically, cars which are as expensive or still very expensive?

Reference here:

There’s the Pagani Huayra Roadster BC which is a cool US$3.5 million. WOW. Image is from (click for a lot more super luxury cars) 


Alternatively there’s this Lamborghini Veneno for US$4.5 million. WOW. Image is from (click for a lot more super luxury cars) 


We must also see the next one too. This one is in a class of its own. Rolls Royce Boat Tail. It’s at an estimated US$28 million. SUPER WOW. Image is from (click for a lot more super luxury cars) 

rolls royce

Okay, enough for today. It’s good to note that there are the super elites, the super-wealthy group where buying a luxury car may not even because they love to drive. It’s for them to leave it at a nice gallery and then to have a party with friends with everyone admiring their parked luxury car for the evening. Now, get back to learning and working yeah. Happy investing.

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Header Photo by Sourav Mishra from Pexels



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