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You need to smoke? I build a place for you to smoke.

I have many friends who smoke. I prefer if they would not smoke in front of me. I hate people smoking right beside me when I am eating in my favourite nasi kandar restaurant. I am paying to eat and NOT to inhale second hand smoke. So, I am very supportive of having smokers smoking 3 metres away from nearest tables in a restaurant. I also think that’s far enough.

In Singapore, people stand on designated spots to smoke and they have been doing it like forever. Malaysia has started not too long ago but it seems that we will now have a designated smoking area for food courts and parks. In fact it will be constructed at a cost of RM1 million. Read on to understand.

Article in Housing and Local Government Minister Zuraida Kamaruddin said that eateries and restaurant operators could provide designated smoking areas that were at least 3m from their nearest table. She added, “This is to satisfy the smokers and show that the government is concerned with their plight. We provide the facility, so that they are more willing to comply with the no-smoking policy.”

Beyond these facilities, she also said that RM1 million had been allocated by her ministry to local councils to set up designated smoking areas in public areas such as food courts and parks. These smoking areas may have a canopy and if the area requires the construction of a permanent structure, approval by the local council must be obtained. Please read the full Article in

I know this. If smokers need to smoke, they will smoke. it’s actually not about how many extra steps they needed to move away from an eatery. It’s also not whether it’s raining or it’s sunny. It’s definitely not because of whether there’s an actual smoking place or not. They could just stand somewhere and smoke and then go back to eating their meals. So, I am not sure what the smoking structure which will be built will be like.

In the airport, smoking room makes sense because it’s extremely convenient if one has to walk all the way to outside the airport structure before they could smoke. It’s huge, I know. A food court? An open one? Well, let’s wait for more details. Happy smoking 3 metres away.

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