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My portfolio, my roboadvisor and my returns after 12 months.

I have started a ‘forced savings’ with Stashaway about a year ago. Forced savings means I will not look at it until after some time. Today, I suddenly remembered and I logged in to take a look. The roboadvisor has helped me to adjust how my portfolio. Take a look at the image below. Slightly more are into government bonds (this meant the market is rather volatile). International equities have gone down, indicating that the volatility may be hard to predict, better stay safer. I think commodities have dropped in price and perhaps this is a good time to buy. Thus, they have increased the weight for me. How apt, I think the roboadvisor thinks like me!

How would this help me maximise my returns? Well, the returns after 1 year is slightly below 4%. Exact number is 3.69% and this is after deducting the roboadvisor’s fee yeah. Not awesome but if I did not do this ‘forced’ saving, I might have used what I invest on a monthly basis into more cups of lattes or even make me start thinking about a new smartphone with one whole row of cameras at the back? Haha. My Oppo R9S has just ONE camera. Still works well. (click here for the phone detail)

By the way, if you like to start a forced savings like me, here’s that link yeah. (click here) For those who invest, moving forward we have another common topic too. Whatever I earn, if you have the same risk appetite as me, we could be earning the same %! Please do not borrow to invest lah. Just forget a small part of your salary every month. Even if it’s just RM250, you will feel very happy when you look at the total amount again after 3 years, even if the returns is just 3.68% per year, you will be very near a 5-figure amount. Yeah, that’s called compounded returns.

By the way, in case you have forgotten, the Fixed Deposit rate is 2% or lower currently. With the potential further cut in rate by our Bank Negara Malaysia this year, perhaps good to also think about diversifying. Not take all out of FDlah, too high risk. So, you see, it’s not all about property. Yes, I am still a Public Mutual Gold member as at today. Happy investing yeah. Cheers.

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