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Reopening is restarting. Also known as normalising.

I think this should be good news for theme park operators. They will be allowed to reopen beginning 1st July 2020. Yes, that’s today. A friend said that “so what if they reopen? You think they will get lots of people visiting it?” Actually, reopening is just restarting. This is also known as normalising. Any car which has not been driven for a couple of weeks, when you restart, it’s best to let it run for a while before driving it out and later on getting back to the highway speed of 110km per hour.

This is the same for any patient who has been lying on the bed for a few days. That first time he steps onto the floor, he will start by walking slowly instead of jumping down and start running. Now, let’s imagine if that car which has not been driven will NOT be restarted unless the owner wants to immediately use it to race. Or that patient is given a warning that if he were to come down from the bed, he must start running, else he should just stay on the bed… Hopefully we understand what is normalising. This is still not normal… but it’s progress.

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I welcome progress. Just as I think travel bubble or even travelling to other ‘safe’ countries are okay. Covid-19 vaccines are only at human trial stage at best and there is still no guarantee that it will gain approval. Further to approval would be the need to manufacture on a large scale and in the very beginning, there may also be teething issues. We have yet to understand which countries would get it first.

Let’s also understand that even logistics wise, it will take some time for delivery and everything would depend on which country / which company has the vaccine first. Of course, the best part is to have MANY successful researchers with a COVID-19 vaccine. Else, if just one… it’s going to be tough for a small nation to get hold of it earlier than a super powerful nation. Happy understanding that this is how the world works unless there are a lot more choices available.

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