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“Real connectivity” needed for business opportunities

TheEdgeProperty’s symposium on the High Speed Rail must have received huge attention.The symposium was organised by and supported by The Edge Malaysia. Yes, was also invited to attend but I have planned a family holiday many months back. The presenting sponsor is Bukit Bintang City Centre (BBCC). I think from this one event, everyone has gotten better informed. Regardless of what the naysayers say about the HSR, I am very sure they continue to read and follow the news because they may still be worried to lose track of what’s really happening. Yes, this is no different from those who tell me “economy is so bad…” and the next question is “where should I buy.”
We are always open for more ‘opportunities.’ During the symposium on 27th August 2016, many experts have suggested that private and public sectors must collaborate to ensure “real connectivity.” This is the only way to allow business opportunities to grow. According to Ho Chin Soon, the chairman of Ho Chin Soon Research, “The improved connectivity will move the central of gravity from the central region to other places, such as how the highway connectivity has shifted the central gravity from Petaling Jaya to Puchong and now HSR will expand the golden triangle areas to open up more opportunities in older places like Bukit Bintang.” In terms of where the central gravity is, let’s not be too unduly worried. For first-time homebuyers and small time investors, we should ensure what we buy is connected to the public transportation network. It will provide more advantages compared to areas without such connections.
BBCC Development Sdn Bhd CEO Datuk Richard Ong said the connectivity between all public transportation systems, such as Mass Rapid Transit (MRT), Light Rapid Transit (LRT) and public buses also need to be improved to effectively connect people from HSR stations to other locations. This is very true but there must also be continuous steps to keep improving the ‘comfort’ level of these connectivities. All these stations should not be hot and stuffy every afternoon. Else, majority of all those non-office workers would still drive instead of taking the public transport. Malaysia is still a HOT country…….
This should not stop here. The bus stops should have sufficient benches (which will not absorb heat) and cover (a roof to keep away the sun and rain). No one would like to stand under the sun for even a few minutes while waiting for the bus. I think the current complaint is the punctuality of these buses. It has to be improved tremendously. Use Singapore as benchmark even if they should be better simply because of a smaller area of coverage. To be very frank, encouraging people to walk a few hundred metres (5-8 minutes) from their home to the nearest public transportation point is not easy. Let’s ensure if they do walk, they do not start cursing when they arrive at those points.
Savills Malaysia executive chairman Christopher Boyd reminded everyone that infrastructure development is a long-term development which will not see an explosion in value in the short term. He explained, Based on the experience of countries which already have HSR, the rental yield growth and capital appreciation will take time to see the impact.” I also think the prices should not just suddenly appreciate. Else we would see the Central Business District (CBD) effects of many modern cities where everything within these places are grossly expensive. Even one car park slot in some of these areas are higher priced than a condo in Malaysia. Happy learning and yes, do read about all the comments from all the speakers / forum panelists in the symposium in
written on 27 Aug 2016
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