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Taking care of our CREDIT Health is essential. Free 3 Months of JagaMyID

Did you know that 61 Malaysians become a bankrupt every 24 hours? (Insolvency Department). In fact 58 percent of these are below the age of 44 and there are three major reasons why they became a bankrupt
– Inability to pay car loans (Nothing to be ashamed in driving a secondhand car and nothing to be proud of in driving a new car and becoming a bankrupt because one could not keep up with the instalments)
– Poor control of credit cards (It’s not about not having a credit card yeah. It’s more of differentiating between needs versus wants. The latter kills)
– Huge personal loans  (Stop saying yes to those calls offering you personal loans. Better understand the implications of such a loan!)

Anyway, in order to really control how we spend and what we spend, one of the first thing we must do is to know where we stand today. Is our credit still healthy? Or it’s time to take actions immediately? Remember, once the debts accumulate for a long time, it gets much harder to come out of it.  Please read on to understand what we could do to. It’s even FREE for 3 months!


Malaysians get 3 months free monitoring of their credit health
Kuala Lumpur, 12 July, 2018 – RAM Credit Information Sdn Bhd (RAMCI), a leading credit reporting agency, today launched the nation’s first-ever Credit Health Month in a move to encourage more Malaysians to proactively check their credit health, by offering a complimentary 3-month access to credit score monitoring.
Present at the Credit Health Month launch were Ms. Dawn Lai, RAMCI’s Chief Executive Officer and Mr. Saravanan Thambirajah, Chief Operating Officer of FOMCA. Given the rising levels of consumer debts and defaulters in the country, the launch of Credit Health Month is timely to reinforce the importance of checking one’s credit health regularly and maintaining a good credit score, while protecting oneself from identity theft.
Speaking at the launch, Dawn Lai said, “July is Credit Health Month and this is part of RAMCI’s public awareness programme to empower Malaysians to take control of their financial health through active monitoring of their credit score. In order to facilitate this, we are giving all Malaysians a complimentary 3-month trial of the JagaMyID package to experience and understand the benefits of a credit report and how a credit score reflects one’s financial standing.”
“Only in July during Credit Health Month, we are offering this incentive for Malaysians. We believe this will help consumers understand the value of a credit report and how it benefits them in the long-run. A credit report not only provides you with a score that reflects your financial behaviour, but it also alerts you if someone is using your name to apply for credit card or loan. It’s a two-pronged benefit,” Dawn further explained.
Commenting on the importance of financial education for young professionals, Thambirajah explained, “The financial competency among young adults is relatively low especially in an era where money is easily replaced with ‘plastic’ and ‘digital’ money. This has far reaching consequences as it can lead to high debt, financial losses, missed savings and even bankruptcy. By empowering young professionals with financial literacy, it teaches them critical skills on how to make informed financial decisions based on their resources and circumstances.”
Thambirajah also opined that it was the collective responsibility of the government, financial sectors, regulators and credit reporting agencies to find different ways to educate young adults on financial literacy and to help them understand the intricacies of it through various tools such as the credit report.
RAMCI shared that the Credit Health Month will be an on-going annual awareness programme. For this inaugural year, individuals who opt for their complimentary JagaMyID package will receive a free 3-month trial which includes credit information profile comprising an overview of an individual’s credit portfolio, three (3) months monitoring of their credit health with monthly updates of Central Credit Reference Information System (CCRIS) profile with credit score changes and lastly, timely alerts on possible identity theft.
In conjunction with Credit Health Month, aside from roadshows and talks to spread the awareness, RAMCI also launched their first e-book and an educational video to reach out to millennials whose thirst for digital content is constantly evolving. Themed #ProtectYourCreditHealth the video and e-book released on RAMCI’s social media platform are meant to provide the younger generation with credit health information at their fingertips.
RAMCI is optimistic that the Credit Health Month initiative will bolster credit reporting in the country, especially among millennials, to check their credit report and in that process, manage their financials more effectively to reduce debts.
To obtain RAMCI’s JagaMyID 3-month trial package for free, the public are advised to log into Upon subscribing for a 3-month trial, those interested in a year-long subscription of JagaMyID, are encouraged to write in to RAMCI stating their reasons for this package and can then stand a chance of getting upgraded to a 12-month free subscription package.
Go to RAM Credit Information’s website and Facebook for further details
Issued on behalf of RAMCI by Pat-Lin Communications Sdn Bhd. For further information, please contact Anusia at 03-7660 0400 ext 521 / 012 970 4423, email or Catherine Kezia at 03-7660 0400 ext 520 / 016 561 3295, email
About RAM Credit Information Sdn Bhd
RAM Credit Information Sdn Bhd (RAMCI) has established itself among Malaysia’s leading and trusted credit and business information bureaus in recent decades and has a comprehensive database that has been built over the past 25 years. Today, RAMCI’s institutional partners such as RAM Holdings Berhad and Experian Asia Pacific have availed the company to extensive domain knowledge to serve both businesses and consumers in Malaysia and globally through its comprehensive array of services. It also collaborates with associations and cooperatives to serve their members. RAMCI’s core capabilities include online credit information, credit rating and credit scoring services, monitoring and international information services and trade bureau services. For more information, log on to

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