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Property price to accelerate with the ECRL? Where are these properties situated?

Someone said property price will accelerate with the East Coat Rail Link (ECRL).

When someone says anything about property price dropping, I will write about it. For example, this one: 70% price drop prediction (click to read) Thus, when someone says the opposite; price will be increasing because of some reasons, I will also write about it. This is to be fair to both sides. Reminder yeah, whether up or down, read the reasons and decide if you agree. Then, take the appropriate actions.

If you think the price will be going down, then of course selling the property quickly will help to minimise the losses. If you think prices will be moving upwards, then of course buying quickly should allow you to enjoy capital appreciation too. Just do not keep sharing, sharing and sharing but never buying or sharing. Here’s that piece of news about property prices accelerating in the near future with the ECRL.

Article in Centre for Market Education fellow and Bait Al Amanah economist Fariq Sazuki said with the latest ECRL realignment, industrial towns like Serendah and Kapar in Selangor may see a rapid increase in property value.

He said, “The areas nearby ECRL stations, namely Kapar, Puncak Alam, Gombak (in Selangor), and even Bentong (in Pahang) may blossom to become highly demanded residential regions for those working in Port Klang and industrial areas in Selangor.

CCO & Associates () Sdn Bhd director Chan Wai Seen agree with ECRL benefiting property owners around the stations. However, he said, “However, I personally think that the sustainability of the prices will depend greatly on the efficiency of the ECRL after completion. When you look at the impact of KTM ETS (Keretapi Tanah Melayu electric train service) services, it does not really create a significant impact on the local property market.” Please do read the full and comprehensive article here: Article in

Latest update about the ECRL. Transport Minister Wee Ka Siong shared that this about the ECRL construction work, “was in full swing” and was progressing at an “encouraging” rate of 21.39 per cent as of March 2021. He also shared that the works at more than 300 locations will commence by year-end of 2021 involving earthworks, bridge construction as well as tunnelling, which will drive the construction of the ECRL into its peak period. Full news article in here:

Overview about the ECRL from the Malaysia Rail Link’s website

The 665-km East Coast Rail Link (ECRL) will traverse the East Coast states of Kelantan, Terengganu, and Pahang before linking the Klang Valley on the West Coast of Peninsular Malaysia. As a national infrastructure, the ECRL will link cities and towns as well as upgrade public transportation along its rail network.

At speeds of up to 160km/h, the ECRL passenger trains will significantly cut travel time from Kota Bharu to ITT Gombak to approximately 4 hours. The ECRL is also expected to spur commercial activities, drive investments, increase job opportunities, and boost tourism activities along its rail network. The ECRL Project is expected to be completed by end of 2026. Click here for even more details about the ECRL.

When trains could travel at 120km per hour… The ECRL could travel at speeds of up to 160km per hour. The ETS service by KTM (which everyone who’s on it thinks it’s comfortable and fast enough versus driving for example) is a good example of how a good train service will enhance connectivities among all the towns on the line. We could drive to many of the towns along the ECRL line or we could also take the trains in the future too. If all these towns offer something for tourism, they will be rejuvenated, especially the smaller towns where many of the young population have migrated to bigger cities for work.

How does the alignment look like?

Image source:

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