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Book Review: Property Investment Wisdom by Dr. Peter Yee

Over 10 years ago, I bought Dr. Peter Yee’s book entitled “You Can become Rich in Property.” It’s a good book and he writes from the heart. He is also the author of all the following books too: “The Certain Way to Life’s Riches”, “Property Secrets” and “Hierarchy of Money Skills.” Recently, he has published his latest book, ‘Property Investment Wisdom.’ Today, I will do a book review for this book. I have read this latest book a few times.

Straight from the Heart. This is not just my favourite song by Bryan Adams but also aptly describes this book. Dr. Peter Yee is describing what has actually happened with his own property investment journey over the years. For every chapter, he listed down the key learnings from the chapter. There are no speculative stuffs here. Just simple step by step and the potential pitfalls as well as the signs for windows of opportunity.

Simple and Easy to read. The first chapter is simply, “What is property?” and this tells us about all the different types of properties. The choices are actually aplenty and it’s not just whether it’s landed or high-rise yeah. The next chapter is a natural progression, “Why invest in property?” and this tells us why we should begin our property investment journey. The chapters after keeps building up our knowledge on property investment until the final chapter which is “Property Investment Wisdom”. This is where we learn get a final overview of the calculations and also all the many important terms we should be aware of. The language used is simple English and I believe most Malaysians would be able to read and finish this book within a few days if they chose to.

Interesting Chapters Let me share 2 interesting chapters in my opinion. This is Chapter 3 – Pitfalls in Property Investment. Everyone thinks property investment is easy. This is untrue! Some thinks property investment is too hard, read this chapter and you would understand that it’s actually not that hard either. Another interesting chapter is Chapter 8: “Property Investment Strategies.” This tells us that there are strategies involved and it’s not just buy low and sell high. That’s not strategy yeah. That’s just plain tactics.

As someone who has invested into properties for over 16 years, I still get many fresh ideas from reading the book. I think it serves as a good reminder that many times the opportunities which present itself would also be a different one depending on the circumstances at the time. You see, if I were starting, perhaps that first-home is a good starting point. If I have been buying only in the city I live in, perhaps diversification is the next step. In the book, Dr. Peter Yee gives everyone an overview of all the different types of properties and how we could benefit from each one of them. Happy reading!

— end of book review —

In Dr. Peter Yee’s own description, when you buy this book, it will reveal strategies on:

  1. Shorten your learning curve in property investment by many years
  2. learn the secrets to acquiring wealth in property investment
  3. How to identify the right residential, commercial and action property
  4. How to achieve financial freedom
  5. Wisdom in property investment and much more

What’s the Investment? There are a two ways to become nearly as good as Dr. Peter Yee. First one is to start property investment and keep learning for the next 15 years. You may have to spend lots of money and hopefully everything turns out okay. Second way is to buy this book and learn from Dr. Peter Yee’s learnings and absorb all his property investment knowledge and experience in a few days. The investment is only RM40 per book and this includes delivery charges via Pos Laju.

According to Dr. Peter Yee, if you could buy two books at once and you give him this code #kopiandproperty, it will only be RM70 and it includes delivery charges too. Mail him here. ( * does get any commission for the sale of this book. Cheers. Happy learning.

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  1. Hi the direct link to order did not work out. Would like to proceed but is there any other way to get the books? If yes could you please include the link here. Thank you.

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