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Personal Finance 101: How much must we earn to be ‘Middle Class’?

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Personal Finance 101: How much must we earn to be ‘Middle Class’?

I love

If you still did not know of this site, please do visit them for lots of new knowledge about the world. It’s presented in an easy to refer manner. Information is clear. Usually most of the things are things which we did not know enough and with just one chart, everything becomes clear. Concisely presented too. Let’s go to our main topic today. Middle Class. Are we middle class? Who’s middle class? Middle class is also said to be the consumer class because these are the people who could be a consumer to goods and services.

Who’s Middle Class in the world today?

What’s the definition of middle class or even consumer class? World Data Lab (as per the infographic) defined the consumer class as those spending at least US$12 per day. (I think it’s USD yeah). In other words, this group of people needs to have more than this in order to spend US$12 per day yeah. How much is US$12 per day? That’s RM58 per day. Do you spend RM58 per day? That’s RM1,740 per month. We assume everyone spends 80 percent of all their money, thus, they should be earning something like RM2,175 per month.

Where are all these people coming from?

As per the infographic from below, it says 113 million people will enter the global consumer class in 2024. 33 million from India and 31 million from China. Now imagine if these two countries become a team here in Asia. WOW. Malaysia’s population is small when compared to the Philippines (2 million new consumer class), Vietnam (4 million new consumer class) and Thailand (1 million new consumer class). If they have, we also have lah, just that the number is smaller.

It’s good for Asia, take a look

Most are going to come from Asia… 🙂


Earn more, spend more. (Maybe save and invest more too)

I am very sure everyone wants to earn more and thus be able to spend more on things we love. Just need to always remind us that saving is key to rainy days and saving is key to investing because without savings, there’s definitely no investing. Without investing, there’s no way we will have enough when the day we stop working arrives. Unless of course our salary is that of a top management, then perhaps just saving those into Fixed Deposits alone may still work. Just remember do not have the lifestyle of a top management lah. Eat in fancy restaurants daily, changes a new Segment D or E car every few years, travel business class for every vacation etc etc etc. If this is the lifestyle, then no salary amount can save you. Then again, it’s just a preference or as they call it a lifestyle.

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