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Personal Finance 101: Buying a new TV? Is Google TV and Android TV the same?

turned on flat screen smart television ahead

Personal Finance 101: Buying a new TV? Is Google TV and Android TV the same?

I needed a new TV for my new living room

This coming Saturday (15th July 2023), I will be getting the keys to my first landed property home.I say home because this is for my own stay and not as an investment. I bought my first own stay property in 2003 and it is now 2023. That’s 20 years and this is also my 5th home. So, on average I move every 4 years. 🙂 I will need a new tv for my new home, so I was out searching for it and I found this friendly sales person in Aeon Big Kepong. He explained to me in very a very thorough manner. Do go to the TV section and I think he will be there to explain to you as well.

Two main choices; Android TV and Google TV

Briefly, smart TV is definitely the choice these days. However, there are two main choices. They are the Android TV (which I also own one today) and also the Google TV which I have learnt that moving forward most TVs shoule slowly turn into Google TVs. Google is really powerful yeah. Now they will also conquer the TV scene as well. Moving on, I will let Article in provide to you a more professionally written review. Plus they are the experts, not me. So better read from the experts. To read their full comprehensive review article, just click on the link. Article in Else, a concise one as curated by me is as below:

Article in Google TV is first seen as a successor to Android TV. It’s a slicker, more intuitive, more capable operating system for your smart TV, bringing more capability to TVs and seating smart TVs more firmly at the center of the Google ecosystem.

What is Google TV? Google TV’s underlying software is still Android. This also means that a lot of the core functionality you enjoyed with Android TV is still available on Google TV products. The broad selection of apps available through the Google Play Store is still offered for Google TV sets.

Google TV vs. Android TV: The biggest changes

What has changed? Google has refined the Android TV experience with a greater emphasis on personalized content, tailored recommendations, and functionality that extends beyond the TV and living room, letting you use the smart TV as a hub for your entire house full of connected devices.

The biggest change is the interface, starting with the home screen. Instead of an experience focused on apps — such as Android TV’s older interface which use row upon row of apps and content suggestions — the new Google TV interface puts content first.A large image on the home screen showcases highlighted recommendations, cycling through movies and shows with big, beautiful proportional photos. These recommendations are drawn from your own preferences, pulled from the streaming services you use, the shows you watch, and some predictive magic from Google.

Mobile remote

Taking advantage of Google’s large ecosystem of devices and connected apps, you can use an Android phone as a remote control for your Google TV.The addition of a touchscreen and onscreen keyboards as part of the remote also make navigating the TV a lot easier. Entering passwords becomes smoother than having to navigate a “keyboard” on the TV screen.

Google Accounts

All of the above features include personalization, whether that’s through recommendations, listings of subscribed services, or simply letting you use a personal device to control the TV. Google takes this a step further by introducing individual user profiles on Google TV. This lets family members get recommendations tailored to them, built around their own viewing habits and interests.

See a show mentioned on Twitter? Add it to your watchlist right there on your phone. Did you just remember the name of that movie you’d forgotten while you make the bed? Use your Google Home smart speaker to queue it up for you later.

Parental controls and kid profilesIn addition to using user profiles for  personalized content suggestions, you can also set up profiles for kids, complete with content filters and parental controls.

Moms and Dads can block individual apps and specific titles, all from their phone – no wrestling the remote away from a misbehaving child before you can change things. It even lets you limit viewing to specific amounts of time, and shuts everything off at designated bedtimes. Article in

So, which one to buy? Android TV or Google TV?

I do not watch TV that often. My kids do. They watch mostly YouTube at the moment. My wife and I would determine what they watch but we could not monitor it all the time. So, many of the things which Google TV could do and Android TV may not is not really something I need currently. By the way, as Google TV is supposedly the future, it also meant that Android TVs are now available for a very big discount too. A similar sized ones between both could easily be RM500 difference! (Yeah, that’s roughly 33 lattes in some cafes)

However, my decision will be to buy a Google TV (hopefully 65 inch or higher and current choice I have in mind is Hisense) for my living room. I will move the current Android TV (50 inch Philips, which I bought during the MCO time) to put at the smaller living room in the new home and I do think I will buy another Android TV for my master-room. Probably can watch some China dramas too. There are many good ones for your info. Happy buying a new TV too.

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