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Perdana Botanical Garden. Weekend for family. Picnic is possible. 2 hours of enjoyment.

Perdana Botanical Garden. Weekend for family. Picnic is possible. Safety first. Follow SOPs.

Park here lah, do not get a summon

Ahem… I had parked along the road, got down and my wife said, ‘the car behind us has a summon ticket.’ Oops. So, I drove to this car park which was just 50 metres away from the entrance of the Perdana Botanical Garden. So, guys, maybe this is a better choice because a summon will be many times higher.

Best time for picnic?

It’s Malaysia yeah. Temperatures are usually 32 celcius or higher. A shady tree helps tremendously. So, the earlier the better. Try to be here by 9am, your picnic can then include breakfast too. Today, I arrived only after breakfast. So my picnic was all about junk food. Haha. Including chips, ice-cream and even nangka too.

perdana botanical garden

Lots of different spots under the shady and big trees too

Yes, there are more than enough space for sufficient social distancing here at Perdana Botanical Garden. No families were seated within less than 12 feet from one another today. Just need to bring your mat and enjoy sitting under shade and doing nothing but eating junk food. Kids can run about lah, enough space to do so safely too.

perdana botanical garden

Good environment and clean too

Nice waterfall (obviously it’s man made) for photos lah. No, no, this is ONLY for photos, you are not supposed to take a dip there yeah.

perdana botanical garden

Bring along snacks and yes, there’s an ice-cream man just outside the entrance too.

My kids kept reminding me about ice-cream, so yes, there’s ice-cream for them. Just need to be reminded that ice-cream and Malaysian weather are not best friends. Haha. So, after you buy, walk faster back to your picnic site yeah. Else, bring along some iced-drinks like me and you will still enjoy your picnic here at Perdana Botanical Garden too.

Yes, it’s safe enough to have a picnic and this is safer than dine-in because of the availability of space

I know, the number of cases are still around 20,000. Just need to remember that it’s not about the number of cases alone because there are NO countries in this world where the vaccinations could stop new cases. None. However, vaccinations has continued to ensure the number of cases needing hospitalisation and subsequently Intensive Care Unit (ICU). Thus, always remain vigilant and take all necessary precautionary steps yeah. Mask is a must.

Happy deciding and by the way picnic at home is perfectly fine too.

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