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Penang Property Essentials 4-In-1 on 18th June 2016

img-20160527-wa0018.jpgA friend told me that most of the time property events happen mostly in Kuala Lumpur. I must say that this is not true. Penang has many good property events too. I love to attend events, especially good ones where I get to learn more ‘kungfu’ to continue my investment adventure. There’s an upcoming one called Penang Property Essentials 4-in-1. The highlight of the day would be for those who believe in the longer term potential of property investment and that now is the best time buy. Developers are much more willing to listen and be accommodative. Within this event is Malaysia’s First ever LIVE BIDDING for limited units of Mont Residence luxury condominiums. Better register or call the numbers soonest for the potential to own a unit at an irresistible best price.  Besides that, we get to learn about the following too.
Mortgage Must-Knows: For those who have often heard the saying of ‘high mortgage rejections,’ it may be good to understand a little more. Sometimes, those who got their mortgages approved were those who happened to do the right things instead of simply applying. Just look at the industry. On one hand, many are shouting it’s hard to get their loans approved but the authorities are saying that they have not done any extra tightening recently. Come and listen and then ASK the expert speaking during the event.
Fast Track to know-how: It’s not whether we buy or we don’t buy. It’s about whether are we buying the right property for the right reasons. Do we really understand enough about what we intend to do before we buy? Is it for our own stay and hedging against inflation? Is it with the potential for positive capital gains? Are we looking at ensuring steady rental and potential positive yields? Come and listen and then ASK the expert speaking during the event.
Estate Planning for What Ifs: I am very sure majority of us feel like a Superman. Nothing unfortunate will ever happen to us. Truth is, when it happens, it would have been too late to do anything. Do google and read about all the unfortunate cases where the loved ones actually loses out to strangers simply because of poor planning. These strangers may have been missing for a very long time but if they are related to us, they may get everything we own today.
Master Mak’s Fengshui Analysis: There are many reasons why the wealthy spend a lot to get their fengshui right. Numbers are especially important because it may affect many things happening in our lives. Come and listen to him on Complementing the period 8 for wealthy and prosperity.
Happy learning and continue investing. Penang property market is a definite addition or a diversification target beyond just Greater Kuala Lumpur.
written on 29 May 2016
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Property Investment always start with knowledge. Equip ourselves with more here.

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